Upton’s Confectionery

Upton’s Confectionery -1910
Joe’s Grill-current
It is believed that Clifford A. Upton arrived in Globe in 1909. He and his father, William, are listed as having a confectionery store in 1910 that sold brittle and chocolate. He later bought a building at 247 S. Broad Street which would be known as the Factory Store. At the same time, he implemented three other confectionery stores, two in globe and one in Miami. The facility at the 247 S. Broad location became the center of the candy-making business. The second story of the building is leased out as apartments.
Clifford Upton hired many of his own family members to help work at or run the business. The second story Upton’s also created their own ice cream which they sold at the Valley store, to other restaurants and to Williams, Luke and Thunderbird Airfields until World War II.
Zelpha Gantt, a cousin of Clifford Upton, worked for him at the Factory Store. She added a cafe to the confectioneries, making sandwiches, pies and fresh baked goods.  Zelpha required the nickname Shorty, for her small stature. She  bought the three Upton’s stores in Globe after 15 years of working there and continued to operate them. Eventually, she sold two of the three stores and kept the Factory Store on S. Broad.

Joe's BroadstreetGrill .
The candy business was sold, but Upton’s in Globe continued for many years. Shorty leased the restaurant out after she retired. It was leased a couple of times before coming under the operation of Joe Odonetto.
With the passing of Joe, his neice, Lyndi Oddonetto and right-hand man, Adrian Perez carry on the tradition of  offering hometown fare and serving up Mexican, Italian and American Dishes.
They are known for their Deserts!
And THURSDAYS are pasties day
Doesn't that look scrumptious?
Lyndi, Adrian, Tin and Trina welcome you to Joe's Broadstreet Grill.


Phone: 928-425-4707

Hours of Operation: Mon.-Fri. 6:00-2:30 Sat. 6:00-1:00


  1. Avatar

    Hi, my grandfather was Clifford Upton. This article was very informative. I started working in the Phoenix candy stores when I was 10. Helped make Easter baskets every year also. My grandfather always brought home a carton of ice cream when my sister and I stayed the night. I live in Sedona now and hope to get to Globe this winter. I have some nice pictures of the Globe candy store.
    Sincerely, Nancy O’Hara

    • globemiami

      Nancy, we would love to see your photos when you are in Globe this winter. ~Linda

    • Avatar

      Hi there! I recently purchased a large menu board from Upton’s and would love to send a photo in or see if anyone in the family is interested in purchasing it. It’s great to have an incredible piece of history!!
      Please feel free to email me at caileeworkman@gmail.com if you are interested.

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