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Livable to Lovable with Love Where You Live- New Mosaic

Kate Stewart practices her art at Stewart Antiques Nook in Miami. Her work is featured as part of the Starizona Trail in Globe. Courtesy photo

Who would have guessed that quilting could lead to community mosaics? This was the surprise revelation for Kate Stewart, our featured artist in this month’s Livable to Lovable column.

Phil and Kate Stewart moved to Miami two years ago and opened Stewart Antiques Nook. Working the shop on weekends, Kate also taught first grade midweek. With a packed schedule, one might not expect Kate to sign up for projects that require six months of work. Fortunately for us, Kate agreed to share her mosaic talent on three staircases along the Stairizona Trail. Her last two installations are the newest to join the nine decorated staircases in historic Globe and will be celebrated with an on-location ribbon cutting on April 5 at 4:30 pm.

Originally, Art Globe wanted to use mosaic art to decorate all of the staircases on the trail, believing they would last longer than paint. However, most of Globe’s historic staircases are so long that tile work proved cost-prohibitive. Fortunately, three staircases were shorter (12-13 steps) and fit within the bounds of the I Art Globe grants. Kate was hired as the artist for these staircases and gave her designs a broad “Arizona flora and fauna” theme.

Kate Stewart’s mosaic work features Arizona flora and fauna.

Her first and most prominent mosaic on Yuma Street featured an adult quail and quickly became a community favorite. Her second staircase led from East Globe School to the pedestrian bridge that crosses Ash Street. She created a lovely roadrunner piece with several “hidden Mickies” (or special treats) tucked within the tiles. Her latest creation is a jackrabbit on the staircase from Fourth Street into the East Globe faculty parking lot. Again, she added little bonuses to the piece.

When asked about her work, Kate explained, “I used to do quilting and loved the piece work, so it seemed like a natural switch to tile.” She went to YouTube to learn the process and then the pandemic helped push her to greater proficiency. “Before COVID, I decided I was going to try to create a tile tree in my backyard and I did, but then no one got to see it. Because I couldn’t share this, I just started mosaicking like crazy while home during the pandemic.” 

Her process changed as she learned more. “When I began, I was using broken plate pieces from Goodwill, but then I discovered these amazing glass shops in the valley. Most of my work now is glass because I have more control to make the shapes I want.” She adds, “I do still like to mix it up!” The glass and tile she incorporates bring wonderful changes to her mosaics as the light of the day shifts.  

If you haven’t discovered Kate’s work yet or the creations of the 22 other artists featured along the Stairizona Trail, you have something wonderful to experience. This urban trail was featured in the February issue of Arizona Highways and is one of the projects sponsored by Love Where You Live (LWYL), a new nonprofit focused on placemaking and placekeeping along the Copper Corridor.  

LWYL strives to give people an emotional connection to their towns. Led by Regina Ortega and Thea Wilshire, LWYL works to turn livable spaces into lovable places by creating public-private partnerships and collaborating with other Copper Corridor nonprofits. If you want to support LWYL’s work through volunteering, sharing ideas, or donating funds, please call 808-373-0032 or email livable2lovable@gmail.com.

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