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The importance of granting Home Rule to cities/towns

The City of Globe has announced that Home Rule will once again be on the ballot this year and we are recommending a yes vote to allow our City Council to continue the work they are doing with Federal and State grants and investment in our community. So just what is Home Rule?   

Home Rule for towns grants local governments the authority to manage their own affairs, enact ordinances, and make decisions independently from higher levels of government. This autonomy enables towns to tailor policies to their unique needs, promoting innovation and civic engagement. Residents actively shape local policies, fostering social cohesion and trust in governance. Decentralized decision-making enhances efficiency, enabling swift responses to emerging issues and more effective resource allocation.

Its history dates back centuries, where  Home Rule in Irish and Scottish history refers to movements advocating for greater autonomy or self-governance within the United Kingdom. 

Basically, the rule supports economic development by creating a business-friendly environment and investing in local infrastructure. Empowered to set priorities, towns attract investment, create jobs, and improve residents’ quality of life.

The adverse effects of not passing Home Rule can vary depending on the specific context and circumstances.   However,  common negative consequences may include:

  1. Limited Local Control: Without Home Rule, local governments may have limited authority to address their communities’ unique needs and concerns. This can lead to frustration among residents who feel that decisions affecting their daily lives are made by distant authorities who may not fully understand local issues.
  2. Centralized Decision-Making: Without Home Rule, decision-making power may remain centralized at higher levels of government, such as state or federal levels. This can result in policies and regulations that do not adequately reflect the diversity and complexity of local conditions.
  3. Lack of Flexibility: Communities without Home Rule may struggle to adapt to changing circumstances or address emerging challenges effectively. A lack of flexibility in governance structures can hinder innovation and limit the ability to respond promptly to local needs.
  4. Diminished Civic Engagement: Home Rule often encourages civic engagement and participation in local governance. Without it, residents may feel disconnected from the decision-making process, leading to apathy and disengagement from community affairs.
  5. Stifled Economic Development: Limited local control can hinder economic development initiatives tailored to the specific needs of the community. Without the ability to implement policies conducive to growth and investment, communities may struggle to attract businesses, create jobs, and improve quality of life for residents.

Overall, the absence of Home Rule can result in a lack of responsiveness, accountability, and empowerment at the local level, ultimately undermining the well-being and vibrancy of communities.

Ultimately, Home Rule strengthens democracy by empowering citizens to shape their communities’ futures, building resilient and vibrant localities.

Examples include:

  1. Tucson: Tucson, although primarily urban, encompasses some rural areas within its boundaries. The city operates under Home Rule authority, allowing it to enact local ordinances and manage its own affairs independently.
  2. Yuma: Yuma is located in southwestern Arizona and has a mix of urban and rural areas. The city operates under Home Rule, granting it significant autonomy in local governance.
  3. Flagstaff: While Flagstaff is known for its mountainous surroundings and outdoor recreational opportunities, it is a larger city with Home Rule authority. It has a diverse population and encompasses both urban and rural areas.
  4. Prescott: Prescott, situated in central Arizona, is another example of a municipality with Home Rule authority. It serves as the county seat of Yavapai County and includes some rural areas within its jurisdiction.




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