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February, 2024

January, 2024

  • 31 January

    Resolutions for Realists

    I was today years old when I finally learned where the name of the month of January comes from. January, it seems, was named after the Roman god Janus, god of beginnings and transitions. Janus was supposed to have two faces, one facing forward and one facing backward, so he …

December, 2023

November, 2023

  • 23 November

    Make a Little Change

    Long ago, a man named Diderot lived in Paris. Diderot was a middle-aged man and had lived all his life in poverty, working as a writer and philosopher. But one day, Diderot came into money unexpectedly. All of a sudden, he had six figures in the bank and a generous …

October, 2023

August, 2023

  • 22 August

    It Will Be OK

    Many years ago, someone gave me a little sticker, only about a half inch wide and two inches long, that read, in friendly blue type, It will be OK. At the time, I just slipped the sticker into an envelope along with some others, and forgot about it. Patricia SandersPatricia …

March, 2023

December, 2022

  • 21 December

    Make It New

    A couple of years ago I adopted a puppy. He weighed about three pounds and was shivering in my arms, and when I was asked whether I would take him in, it seemed like a small thing to say yes. I hear everyone who’s ever adopted a puppy laughing. Patricia …

November, 2022

  • 23 November

    The Year with Two Thanksgivings

    Many people don’t know that in 1939, just as World War II was dividing the countries of the world into Axis versus Allied, another conflict was threatening to divide the United States in two. It was over the date of Thanksgiving. Patricia SandersPatricia Sanders lived in Globe from 2004 to …