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Open letter to Globe City Council opposing Bed tax changes

Overlooking Globe. Photo by LCGross

City proposal ‘robs Peter to pay Paul’ as they cut funding to the Chamber and others to sustain First Friday

The City of Globe has recently unveiled a proposal that essentially takes money away from the Bed tax organizations to support First Fridays. The plan involves channeling an additional $40,000 towards First Friday, but at the cost of significant reductions, namely $13,000 each from the Chamber of Commerce and EDC, and $8,000 each from the Center for the Arts and the Downtown Association.

In response to this proposed shift in funding, recipients of the Bed Tax, along with local businesses and individuals, are pushing back. They urge the City to reconsider its decision and advocate for a more inclusive dialogue to arrive at a fairer solution. We stand behind this collective effort, emphasizing the need for any adjustments to funding to be approached with caution and involve the full participation of all affected parties.

The City is slated to vote on this matter during its upcoming meeting on February 13, and we encourage you to join us in urging the City to refrain from altering the funding formula at this juncture.

Such a significant decision warrants a more transparent and comprehensive evaluation before taking action. 

~ Linda Gross, Publisher Globe Miami Times


Dear Globe City Council, 

We are writing to express our deep concern regarding the recent announcement of potential changes to the allocation of bed tax funding by the City of Globe.

The proposal to cut substantial amounts from crucial organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce, the SGEDC, the Center for the Arts, and the Globe Downtown Association, to redirect funds towards the First Friday event, has raised eyebrows within our community. While the City’s commitment to enhancing the First Friday events is commendable, it is imperative to consider the broader implications of such a reallocation.

Our bed tax organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Globe Downtown Association, the Gila Historical Museum, the Center for the Arts, and the SGEDC, play a pivotal role in shaping the cultural and economic landscape of our city. The events they organize and the landmarks they maintain contribute significantly to the vibrancy and allure of Globe.

It is important to point out that these organizations do not benefit from the kind of dedicated line item funding from the City for annual signature events. Instead, they rely on bed tax stipends to underwrite the costs of managing multiple events and maintaining essential brick-and-mortar locations, such as The Cobre Valley Center for the Arts, the Train Depot and Freight Office, the Historical Museum, and the Globe-Miami Chamber.

Events like Apache Jii, PoppyFest, Old Dominion Days, Halloween on Broad, the Globe Light Parade, Cemetery Tours, and various film projects are not mere activities but rather commitments undertaken by these organizations for the betterment of our city and the larger community. They enhance our cultural tapestry and make Globe an attractive destination for residents and visitors alike.

By diverting funds away from the bed tax organizations, the City risks compromising the value these groups have brought to Globe. Their efforts in creating diverse events and maintaining key assets of our community are critical and commendable. And, each organization contributes to the city’s attractiveness to residents and visitors alike. 

We urge you to reconsider your proposed changes to the Bed Tax distribution and work towards a more equitable distribution of bed tax funding. Let us continue to support the organizations that form our community’s backbone and contribute to Globe’s flourishing cultural and economic landscape.



Dawn Caldera
Copper Hills Best Western

Matt Storms
American Family Insurance

Jill and Joe Wilson
Jill Wilson Agency
Convenient Mobile Service

Linda Gross
Publisher Globe Miami Times
CedarHill BnB/Air BnB

Michelle Montgomery
Kino Floors

Tracy Quick
The Huddle Sports Bar

John Wong

Holly Rooney
Chrysocolla Inn

Matt Storms
American Family Insurance

Lois Monarez
Gila County RV Park and Batting Range

Barb Holtzen
Miami Mercantile

Gina Langley
Azteca Glass

Jordan Baker
Vida E Cafe

Kathy Ryan and Aimee Olson
United Jewelry

KIKO Radio

Anna Bejarano
Anna’s Petals

Nancy and Jim McKay
Members Center For the Arts

Stacey Murry
President Globe Miami Chamber
Globe Gym / Kachina Realty

Phil Stewart
Board Globe Miami Chamber
Stewart’s Antique Nook

Tom Foster
Board Globe Miami Chamber

Anna Vargas
Board Globe Miami Chamber

Jonelle Robertson
Board Globe Miami Chamber

Mickie Nye
Board Globe Miami Chamber
Dairy Queen

Rhonda Mason
Board Globe Miami Chamber

Bryan Goslin
Board Globe Miami Chamber

Leitha Griffin
Board Globe Miami Chamber

Erica Salinas
Board Globe Miami Chamber

Cami Lucero
Board Globe Miami Chamber

Ana Vargas
Board Globe Miami Chamber

Janette Herrera
Altima Realty

Debbie Cox
Service First Realty

Lorie Luipold
Splash of Copper

Alexis Rivera
Miami Town Manager

Jim and Nancy McKay

Tom Thompson

Molly Cornwell

Jonelle Brantley- Thomas

Willie Thomas

Michelle Harrison

Charlene Giles

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