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City officials stress the importance of municipal codes

Continuing its efforts to create an economically viable future, Globe’s leadership has prioritized the implementation of policies designed to improve the physical condition of local businesses and residential communities for the safety and benefit of the entire community. In recent years, efforts to clean up blight and brighten Historic Downtown …

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GLOBE FORWARD: A banner year in Globe leads up to State of the City Address by Mayor Al Gameros

The state of the City of Globe is trending upward, and as Mayor Al Gameros prepares for his third-annual State of the City address later this month, visible signs of progress are appearing all around town. “The momentum we are on continues to elevate our game to the next level,” …

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Globe Police Department: Ensuring Public Safety through a Community-based Approach

Globe Police Chief Dale Walters is quietly celebrating his five-year anniversary as head of the Globe Police Department, bringing stability to an organization that suffered for years due to understaffing, employee turnover and public distrust prior to his arrival in 2018. In response to public comments made to City Council …

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Globe Council makes historic visit to Washington DC to lobby support for long-term planning

In the weeks leading up to final approval of its updated Strategic Action Plan (SAP), members of Globe City Council and administration sojourned to Washington DC to attend the National League of Cities gathering and to meet with elected representatives and agencies as they sought additional funding for a number …

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