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Claims arise against Globe House Buyers,LLC and Michael Candelario

By Carol Broeder and Linda Gross

A Buckeye man with business ties to Globe is out on bail after his December 2019 arrest in Maricopa County. Michael Alexander Candelario, who bills himself as a real estate investor and the man behind Globe House Buyers, LLC, was featured in our article on home remodeling published in the January issue of Globe Miami Times. 

On Dec. 18, 2019, the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) Fugitive Task Force arrested Candelario in Phoenix.  The original warrant stems from Candelario’s failure to appear last year for a status hearing on his retrial for felony theft charges, said Det. Sam Hatley, with the Carson City (Nev.) Sheriff’s Office Investigation Division. The jury trial ended with a hung jury—11 to 1 in favor of conviction, Hatley said.

As the former owner of the Lake Tahoe Brewing Company, Candelario was arrested by CCSO deputies on a property theft-related warrant in 2016. The U.S. Marshals service states that Candelario advertised beer canning equipment for sale on a brewing industry website. The victim, who owned a brewery in British Columbia, Canada, made an agreement with Candelario to buy the equipment. Allegedly,while the victim paid more than $45,000, Candelario received the funds but never arranged for the equipment to be shipped to him.

A U.S. military veteran, the victim was allegedly forced to cash in his retirement to cover the losses. He filed a report with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia, which forwarded it to the Carson City Sheriff’s Office. Deputies arrested Candelario without incident at his former brewing company, which closed in January 2016.

USMS also alleges that Candelario is involved with fraudulent activities across the nation, setting up fake companies taking money from hospitals in Virginia, Louisiana and California.

Michael Candelario: Mug shot from Maricopa County Sheriff’s office.

After his Phoenix arrest last month, Candelario appeared before Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Judge Barbara L. Spencer.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Candelario was released on a $25,000 bond on Dec. 19, 2019, despite being the subject of a no-bail warrant out of Carson City, Nev.

After learning about Candelario’s release, Carson City District Attorney Jason Woodbury said, “We are working with the Maricopa County Attorney’s office to process a Governor’s Warrant from our jurisdiction so Mr. Candelario can be extradited back to our jurisdiction for trial.”

Asked if he was consulted prior to Candelario’s release, Woodbury said no, adding that at first he was “very concerned because the process in our jurisdiction is different.”

“In Carson City, a person will be held in jail for an out-of-state warrant until he or she waives extradition, is actually extradited or posts the bail required by the warrant,” Woodbury said. “I was worried that Mr. Candelario had been authorized to post a bond not authorized by our warrant and we would not see him again.”

Since then, however, Woodbury learned that Maricopa County’s process is different, “or at least it was in this case,” he said.

“He is allowed to surrender himself on the warrant in Nevada if he chooses,” Woodbury said.  “Otherwise, he is required to appear before the Maricopa County Court every 30 days pending extradition.”

Candelario is scheduled for fugitive from justice hearings on Jan. 29, Feb. 12 and March 11, all on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. Spencer waived Candelario’s required presence at the Jan. 29 FFJ hearing.

Maricopa County contacted the Carson City Sheriff’s Office “fairly quickly after Candelario bailed out to let them know we’d have to go through the formal extradition process,” Woodbury said.

At this point, Woodbury’s office is proceeding with Candelario’s extradition, “which is exactly what we would be doing if he was still incarcerated and had not been allowed to post a bond,” he said.

“So, for our process, it makes no difference,” Woodbury added.

For his part, Candelario alleges that the USMS arrest was based on false and biased information provided by Hatley and Woodbury. He deferred further comment to his attorney, Paul Quade of Reno.

Quade said that he represented Candelario “related to the 2015 allegations of theft in Carson City,” agreeing to a phone interview on that case in the near future.

“I am advising him (Candelario) not to make any further statements regarding that case or the conduct of the prosecutors in Carson City given the circumstances,” he said.

In reponse to further questioning, Quade said that he would not comment on “any steps we may or may not take in the future related to the case in Carson City.”

“I can only tell you that the case is five years old, relates to a failed business venture; the alleged victim has already been reimbursed and the first trial resulted in a hung jury,” Quade said. “The allegations are extremely weak related to any ill intent on behalf of my client and I have not been party to such an unexplainable prosecution in my 25 plus years as a criminal defense attorney.”

On the subject of reimbursing the alleged victim, Woodbury said, “Among other lawsuits, Three Ranges Brewery—the victim in the criminal case—sued Mr. Candelario civilly. They were awarded a judgment of $82,073.13 (plus accruing interest) in May 2016.”

In April of 2017,  Candelario paid Three Ranges $45,000 of the judgement, which was the original amount the brewery had paid Candelario “for the canner that was never delivered,” Woodbury said.

Quade went onto say that the fugitive warrant is “primarily related to my retirement from criminal litigation and the transfer of counsel which did not work out for Mr. Candelario.”

” At this point, I decided to return to this unfinished business because I firmly believe Mr. Candelario is getting railroaded in Carson City,” he said. “We will be aggressively defending this matter, hopefully to a successful conclusion at the next trial.”

Meanwhile, back in Globe, Candelario is the defendant in four civil cases currently pending in Globe Regional Justice Court.

One of the plaintiffs is Wayne Williams, a former employee of Globe House Buyers who resigned on Sept. 9, 2019, and allegedly has yet to receive his last two weeks of pay. The plaintiff filed the complaint 11 days later, stating that Globe House Buyers owed him $1,731. 

Williams has since filed a new complaint seeking $7,600, which includes his meals, mileage and time spent trying to collect the payment due him.  

Candelario has filed a response which refutes Williams’ claims saying “The plaintiff has misled this court on his damages and claim.”  

With 30 years in the remodeling business, Williams said he responded after Candelario advertised on Craigslist, seeking a site foreman for his Globe-area projects. After signing a contract with Candelario, Williams said he moved from Florence to Globe in June to take the position. 

“From day one, payment was never made on time,” he said.

 Williams and Candelario are scheduled to have their day in court at 10 a.m Monday, March 9.

Candelario said that he is not the owner of Globe House Buyers, but rather its general manager, giving instead the name of his “boss” as Anthony Albano of Massachusetts. However, according to articles of organization filed July 16, 2019 with the Arizona Corporation Commission, Candelario is listed as the principal member and organizer of Globe House Buyers, LLC. Neither Albano’s name, nor that of anyone other than Candelario, is listed on the articles of organization for Globe House Buyers, LLC.  

Another plaintiff, who also claimed to be a subcontractor, filed a complaint on Sept. 23, 2019. He claimed that while he completed his work on a house in the 400 block of East Cedar Street in Globe, Candelario and Globe House Buyers did not pay him. The plaintiff asked for $900. 

At the plaintiff’s request, the case was dismissed Dec. 24, 2019 without prejudice, meaning that the matter could be revisited in court. On Dec. 16, 2019, the same plaintiff filed a new complaint against Candelario, this time asking for a total of $2,000. In addition to the $900 already owed him for labor, the plaintiff, who lives in Apache Junction, said he was suing for “lost time” as well as “wear and tear” on his vehicle, having driven back and forth to Globe “multiple times” seeking payment. 

“I have given plenty of time. The defendant has not returned calls; only text excuses,” the plaintiff stated in his complaint.

Candelario was featured in our January issue on remodelers before we were made aware of claims against him both here and in Nevada. Staff Photo.


A fourth case was filed Sept. 30, 2019 by LeAllen Decker who said that Candelario agreed to pay him $600 for landscaping a yard on Cedar Street in Globe. He claimed that after Candelario gave him the deadline of 4 p.m. Aug. 26,  the landscaper completed it a half hour early.

“After repeated attempts to collect my money, Michael no-showed every time,” Decker said in his complaint. “I feel I have no other choice than to go to small claims court.” He is asking for $625. 

When contacted, Candelario claimed to have no knowledge of Decker. However, we followed up with Decker, who showed us more than two dozen text messages between Candelario and himself in which he tried to collect payment. The texts showed a string of excuses Candelario gave Decker over a two week period as follows: Aug. 27, “I’ll be there [Globe] in a couple of hours. I can leave it [the check] at the nursery;” Aug. 29: “I’ll have it there 100% tomorrow. I haven’t been back up to Globe. I apologize;”  Aug. 30: “I’m going to leave a check at the house;” Sept 4: “I’m really sorry. Very unusual. Let me get a plan ASAP and get back to you. I know someone going to Globe and I’ll try to coordinate with them.” Then, six days later it was, “In Buckeye, I’ll be there tomorrow. I can overnight a check if you prefer and send tracking.”

As of this article Decker is still trying to collect his money.

Hatley said he has been working on alleged fraud cases involving Candelario since 2015. “I still get calls from Candelario’s fraud victims or potential fraud victims from across the country,” he said. 



This article was updated to include Candelario’s response to Williams claims.


Candelario took out articles of incorporation for Globe Home Buyers LLC on June 16, 2019  which lists this vacant property at 1410 N Broad Street as the physical address for the business.  He purchased it in his name, before transferring it to Globe Home Buyers LLC. It is now in foreclosure. Staff photo.




  1. Scam artist!! Guy still owes me over $20,000. What a piece of crap. I hope he goes to prison for a long time.

    • Thank you for speaking up. I have also been scammed by him and Libby Campbell with “Offero Homes” Please contact me as I really want to compile our cases and bring them to an authority that will charge him for the obvious pattern of fraud that he’s committing across the country. It may be our only hope to at least put him behind bars. My name is Cameron Tall, number is 602.999.8255 and email is Cameron@NorthLight.US

      Please reach out to me as soon as you receive this.

      • Charlotte Reynolds

        Hi there Cameron. I’ve tried contacting you several times but have yet to hear back. Let me know if you are still interested in getting with all of us on this

    • This seems to be a family trait. I’m currently in the middle of an issue with another family member who was recently released from prison in Puerto Rico for identity theft and stealing $12 million from a retired NYPD officer who was only in Puerto Rico because he saved a little girls life. That same family member has also been convicted of credit card fraud against elderly citizens in Texas! Michaels father has also had similar legal problems and I haven’t started digging up anything yet on other relatives yet but I will because they all need to be stopped and shouldn’t get away with this! Help me put a stop to these manipulative con artists! Please reach out to me at CONdelarioscasualties@gmail.com! I don’t want them stealing from or hurting anyone else!

      • Another victim of thw scam artists

        The guy from Puerto Rico was his brother Jeremy. He is another scam artist who had some scam cases in Texas. He said he was a marine (he never was, his brother Greg was the one in the Marines) and spreaded the news he died at war. Well, this past week, apparently he died again, we dont believe is true as they are sharing a sketchy story about he commiting suicide and finding his body almost a month after, there is nothing in the news or anything to follow. This needs to be investigated further.

    • Hey we’re working on taking him down. Please email me at Condelarioscasualties@gmail.com. The more people we have the better!

    • Charlotte Reynolds

      Help make that happen! Contact me if you want to be included!

  2. He bounced my last two checks for over $10k, put $5k on my credit card, and has lied his face off trying to make false claims against my character after I worked for him for over a year.

  3. On August 26, 2019, I also had the unpleasant dealings with this con artist….I have a bounced check for $773.57 that I even tried calling his bank BBVA in Gilbert and to no avail……….my product is at this point sitting in the house on Cedar Street and have tried contacting real estate agent that was selling unit for Candelario and they said they couldn’t help me even, at least retrieve my merchandise. What a crock!

  4. He recruited me to work as his bookkeeper for a while back in 2017. I was elated to take the position. Then one day he announced he was going to Vegas to a convention and when I came back to work the office was empty and the locks had been changed. Worked for him for 4 months and never got paid one dime. He stole the inventory of the company he had purchased and left them high and dry. I wish I would have known who he was, as I surely might have been able to do something at that time. I actually met Anthony Albano, who at the time was posing as his financial advisor & attorney. Probably part of the scan as well. He was married with children and screwing around with at least two of the harem of ladies that fell for his story. So sorry I had to fall victim along with all of you.

  5. I recently had a dealing w Candelario through Offero Home Buyers. Luckily I dodged a bullet. I was contacted by offero homes after searching we buy junk homes. From the get go they were sketchy. No one answered phones. I worked w a total of four people. The offero office called me two days before close and threatened if I didn’t lower the price they wouldn’t close. Closing day came and they were a no show. They listed my home for sale on Craigslist prior to our close date.. one of his own employees said he was a clever man who will try to bully you into lowering sell price. Total fraud!

  6. I used to work for Michael. I trusted him. Even when my wife and other people told me not to. He owes me 4k and by the end of the month, it will be over 26k. By the time all my deals, I got while working for him and it closes this year. He will owe me over 50k. If anyone can help with its situation. Please give me a call at 702-301-5054

    He has a company called Offerohomes and he continues to scam people

    • Scammers are scumbags

      He started a new company called WLA LABS, Who changed their name to REI MANAGEMENT , he’s about to be handled in court trust me. We got em this time. Search the company names above and you will get info on how to find him. Hope this helps,

      • Charlotte Reynolds

        I’m trying to get everybody who has been affected by these guys to come together and go after all of them as a group. I think this will be the only way to take them down and put them behind bars

  7. I worked for Offero Homes around the beginning of 2021 and it was like PULLING TEETH to get PAID. I still have clients calling ME months after I left the company because they are owed money and there’s nothing I can do to help them because I barely got out of there with getting paid myself. DO NOT WORK WITH MICHAEL OR OFFERO. The bounced checks are absolutely true. You would think after all the complaints of bounced checks he would get his s*** together but he truly does not CARE. If he doesn’t f*** you over immediately he eventually will.

    • Scammers are scumbags

      I’d like to know more, were you with his company between June 2021 and Sep 2021? Does a property on Glenrosa Ave ring a bell? Just wondering, thanks for sharing your story, we had a feeling the employees were being mistreated and that this guy was running a company on fire. He was directing the employees to do awful things to the people they worked with, nobody has a problem with the employees, Im surprised you got paid anything. His day is coming soon in court. I will be compiling all of these stories to. add to the court case. Thanks

      • Charlotte Reynolds

        Please contact me if you want to be involved with all the individuals who have been affected by these guys. There is power in numbers

    • Charlotte Reynolds

      Please refer them to me, I’ll be happy to include them with the rest of us!

  8. Charlotte Reynolds

    Me again and I have some information to share as far as this family is concerned and the crimes they commit. It’s been brought to my attention that in addition to the Candelario’s there are possibly two other scam artists involved and if anyone has been affected or had any interaction with them, please contact me and share your story. If you don’t want to be involved in any prosecution or lawsuits that are going to be filed, that is ultimately your decision and I will respect that decision and there will be no pressure placed trying to get you to change your mind. My door will always be open and you are welcome to join us if you end up changing your mind. Please know that any information anyone shares as well as any contact information you provide, will not be shared with anyone without your consent. I might share portions of what is shared with me but not include where the information came from, unless you advise me not to. I will always respect everyone’s privacy and am only doing this in order to make sure that these scammers don’t hurt anyone else ever again and are held accountable for the crimes committed against all of their victims..

    The two other possible scammers are Nehemiah Hutchinson and Anthony Delgado. Please reach out if you have any information pertaining to these two that you can share with me or if you or someone you know has been affected by any of these guys.

    The Candelario family has committed fraud against people outside of the state of Arizona as well.. All of them share the middle name Alexander and go by the last name Candelario, Vargas or Candelario Vargas and include their father Alexander C Candelario. The brothers are Michael, Greg and Jeremy.

    As of today, Wednesday April 12, 2023 there are approximately 15 people who have fallen victim to these guys and are working together to ensure they don’t get off this time. What they are doing is wrong and I hope they never get to hurt another person.

    • Kathy Anderson

      From the beginning, things didn’t feel right. I was coerced into signing to sell my mom’s house. It is the end of the deal & I’m the only one left who hasn’t signed. This man & his attorney “Kristina Cat” are ruthless & manipulative. They say they’re filing with the court today. He offered $800/mo for a year if I’d sign the papers. Says I’m “playing games”. The only consistency with these guys is inconsistency. I pray he’s dealt with before this is over. I’m in Northern Arizona

  9. He left the town of Fernley Nevada, owing people a hell of a lot of money for working in a business. He had all of their checks bounced toward the end., he is a real piece of work.

  10. Hi Charlotte,

    I left you a voicemail. Please call me back at 602-218-2814. Maria.

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