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Globe Police Department: Ensuring Public Safety through a Community-based Approach

Globe Police Chief Dale Walters is quietly celebrating his five-year anniversary as head of the Globe Police Department, bringing stability to an organization that suffered for years due to understaffing, employee turnover and public distrust prior to his arrival in 2018. In response to public comments made to City Council …

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Loose dogs in Globe lead to questions about jurisdiction

Social media in Globe has recently exploded with stories of loose dogs threatening or attacking animals or people in public places or behind fences, but questions about jurisdiction and which government agency holds responsibility for the problem have led to a stalemate in enforcement. “We don’t deal with it: We …

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Miami Police Department gets a boost with new software and centralized dispatch

Last year, the Miami Police Department installed a new SpillmanFlex system to help with records management and improve coordination among first responders. The system allows the PD to plug in easily to a shared network of area first responders, including the Gila County Sheriff’s Department, Globe Police Department, the TriCity …

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Miami Police add radar units to curb speeding

Speeding through Miami without getting caught is about to become more difficult.  With a grant of $8,563 from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS), the Miami Police Department bought five radars earlier this month. They are currently being installed and every patrol car in the department should have …

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UPDATE: Sullivan Street Fire Rips the Heart out of Historic Downtown Miami

UPDATE: The cause of last month’s Sullivan Street fire is undetermined due to several factors, including extensive fire damage, the size of the fire, the collapse of two of the structures and the complexity of the fire, Miami Chief of Police Keith Thompson and Globe Fire Marshal Joe Bracamonte said …

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