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Deacon of The Pages

By John Parsons

Globe Miami Times Publisher Linda Gross was fortunate last year to adopt a Press Dog.

The Press Dog is a very rare variant of the news hound breed. Few people know its lineage. 

The Press Dog was created when two separate breeds came together, as is often the case with dogs. On one Line the United Breed thrived and on the other, the Associated breed went way back into antiquity. 

One day an enterprising breeder brought the Associated and United Breeds together to create the Generic Press Dog. 

The Press Dog is universally known for its nose for news, of course, but there is more. Publishers worldwide have heralded The Press Dog’s uncanny ability to sink its teeth into the meat of a story. The Press Dog is perfect for editors who always have a bone to pick. 

The Press Dog helps publishers dodge controversy with its uncanny ability to let sleeping dogs lie. The Press Dog can also keep publishers from barking up the wrong tree. 

Publisher Linda Gross proclaimed her Press Dog as Deacon of The Pages, a unique and honorable title for such a hard-working newshound. 

Look for a future column hosted by Deacon of The Pages titled “I have a bone to pick.” If readers have a bone to pick, they can submit them to Deacon where he will select one each month to discuss as only a Press Dog can.

Deacon greets an admirer at Globe’s annual Easter Parade. Photo by LCGross

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