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Book Reviews: Once They Moved Like the Wind

There are not many books written on the great leaders who make up Native American history, but this book counts among them. Centered on the Apache Wars of the 1880s, author David Roberts shows the triumphs and the tragedies and the accomplishments of leaders like Cochise, Geronimo, Victorio and Mangus Colorado.

The book, written in 1993 documents the long and exhaustive war waged against the Apaches in Arizona and New Mexico as encroaching American settlers began to move west. In the end a “remnant of 34 men, women and children of the Chiricahua tribe found themselves pursed by some 8000 American and Mexican soldiers. Ultimately, the Apache surrendered–but, as Roberts shows, they were defeated by weariness rather than force of arms.” -LATimes 

This remains one of the best books on this time period and Roberts strives to document the events in an even handed manner without offering up a revisionist view of history. His book has stood the test of time and offers up an authentic and telling history.

“Roberts demonstrates that the “Manifest Destiny” was an irresistible force, and the native dwellers of the Americas–no matter how brave or clever or tenacious- stood no real chance of either accommodating the newcomers or expelling them” – LAGtimes

For any reader interested in the history of the Southwest and the Apache Wars this is a must-read.



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