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Get Ready to Party September 28th!

The Final Salute to the Apache Drive-In is just around the corner, and we have a lineup of prizes and fun in store for you!

Check out all the categories, and remember you can enter more than one!

Take a look and plan which one you’ll want to enter. Entry is FREE. You can enter more than one category, and registration forms will be handed to you as you arrive that night inside your welcome packet. Just fill them out and bring them to the stage, or hand them to one of our runners that evening. Then listen for your category to be called and be near the stage as we ask contestants to walk across it in front of our panel of judges.

Contestants  will get a frame-able certificate to commemorate the evening.
1st Place, Runner Up and Honorable Mention will get full color certificates in addition to prizes!
All participants will receive a black and white certificate.


Tailgate Style: 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Judging
Show us how you tailgate!
The most stylish tailgater will receive a dinner for two
at Copper Bistro and a gift basket from us.
Wolfman Jack Voice Contest  6:00 p.m. Center Stage
Come to the Apache Gold Stage at 6 p.m. to welcome everyone to the event.
Best Wolfman Jack voice (as determined by the most honks, applause and cheers from the audience) wins $50! 
Fashion & Fenders Categories
4:30 – 6:30 Judging
Winners announced for Best Hair, Best Rock Star and Most Righteous Duds
at 6:30 p.m.
Winners Announced for Best Group and Best Fashion & Fenders
 8:15 p.m(intermission)
Best Big Hair
The Bee Hive, the Up Do, the Rat Tease…
That’s how Aqua Net became a household name!
Best Rock Star (individual or group) from the ’60s  
Lots to choose from here! The Beatles, Sony & Cher, Janis Joplin, Peter, Paul and Mary, the Supremes, Sam Cooke, Del Shannon, The Dave Clark Five… and the beat goes on!
That was when people knew how to make a statement. What’s yours? 
Most Righteous Duds!
From big hair, big glasses, big jewelry and big accessories to the mini or Maxi dress.
From leather jackets to poodle skirts, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!
Channel the complete package!
Best Group: Family or otherwise (three or more people)
Any combination of three or more people. Those who coordinate… conquer!


   Best Fashion & Fenders combo: Combining Fashion with Fender Fabulousness 
Got a classic car and a classy dame? This one’s for you!



Hoola Hoop and Twist Contests

for Kids and Adults

See Center Stage! 

We have a fabulous line up of cash and prizes from Pickle Barrel Trading Post, Simply Sarah’s, Miami Auto and Tire, Apache Gold Casino and Resort, The White Porch Gifts and Antiques, Soda Pops, Hollis Cinemas, Globe Miami Times and more!
So plan to enter a contest or two and strut your stuff!
A few early bird tickets are still available due to a 40 slots cancellation. So, we re-listed those tickets at the early bird price of $79.
PLUS, we will be posting a special rate for motorcycles — limit of 30 tickets.  So if you don’t already have a ticket, go here to get yours!


And if you need a primer on the lingo from the 1960s, here is an excerpt from the Phrase Book we will be handing out that night!


A Gas: Having lots ‘o  fun

All Show and No Go:  Pretty car without go power

BA:  Could mean bare all or bare ass

Bad:  Awesome

Beat Feet – Leave area quickly

Bitchin’ – Good, great or awesome

Boss – Cool or fantastic

Bogue: Describes something offensive, or an unrealistic idea. “That’s so bogue.”

Candy Ass: A wimp or uncool thing or person

Chick: A girl or woman

Chinese Fire Drill – While at a stoplight everyone gets out of the car, runs around it, and gets back in while holding up traffic

Chrome Dome – Bald man

Cooties: Stay away she’s got cooties… Like germs, bad ju ju.

Copasetic: Very good, all right, as in no problems.

Dip Stick:  As in “What an idiot.”

Dig: Do you understand?

Ditz – An idiot

Don’t Sweat It:   Don’t let it bother you.

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