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Final Salute to Globe’s Apache Drive-In Theater attracts state-wide attention

The Apache Drive-In, situated in Globe, Arizona, shuttered its doors for good in 2013, marking the end of an era. Prior to its closure, Globe Miami Times orchestrated a farewell bash at the drive-in, drawing in over 400 cinema enthusiasts. Some traveled from as far as Tucson, the Valley, and Flagstaff to partake in the historic event.

Established in 1950, the Apache Drive-In was Gila County’s inaugural outdoor movie theater. The theater, accommodating up to 400 vehicles, debuted on Wednesday, December 14th, 1950, as chronicled in the Arizona Record dated December 7th of the same year. Notably, construction costs soared above $75,000, as outlined in a contemporaneous SilverBelt article. The venue boasted individual speakers for each car, car heaters, and amenities such as a snack bar, modern restrooms, and bottle warmers for infants, along with an all-steel windproof screen.

In the early ’70s, Frank Hollis acquired the drive-in, relocating it to its current spot along the highway in 1973. The venue became a cherished community hub, hosting numerous cinematic delights and cherished memories. Among the highlights was a memorable farewell screening featuring the iconic film “American Graffiti,” accompanied by a lineup of festivities for attendees of all ages. Witnessing over 400 individuals, the event drew participants from far and wide, underscoring its significance in local history. Explore our gallery to relive the magic of that unforgettable evening.

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