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Smithsonian chooses Historical Museum as “Museum on Main Street”

The Smithsonian in Washington is confirming something area residents have known all along—the Gila County Historical Museum is special. So special, in fact, the Smithsonian chose the Museum in Globe for its pilot project, known as “Museum on Main Street” (MoMS), to develop a unique humanities-based exhibition about Americans at …

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What War Bonnets can tell us about Culture

By Deni Seymour For years, I’ve been collecting photographs of Native American headdresses on a private Pinterest board—photographs I’ve found while investigating Southwestern weaponry, warrior and ceremonial garb, as well as the more mundane aspects of clothing, footwear, and material culture. As an anthropologist and historian I have a natural …

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Historical perspective on cultural and environmental policy concerning the Tonto Basin Range

*Introducing our readers to a historical research piece on the Tonto Basin area which was first published in the Journal of the Southwest in 1991. Written by Adam M. Sowards, it explores the governmental rivalries in managing the Tonto from the mid-1800’s to modern times.  The full article : “Reclamation, …

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Mike Terrill leading the Q&A in front of a packed house at the Centennial Dinner held at Bullion Plaza. Photo by LCGross

A Look Back on Miami History through the “Great Carnack Q & A”

During last night’s Centennial dinner celebrating Miami’s 100th anniversary, Miami alum, Mike Terrill, presented the audience with a look back on Miami’s history through a Q&A session where he provided the answer and looked for the question. He titled his portion of the Centennial Dinner, “The Great Carnack Question and …

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