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Federal Report Exposes Serious Deficiencies in Required Environmental Study for the Proposed Resolution Copper Mine 

San Carlos Apache Reservation — A new federal report on the proposed Resolution Copper Mine provides definitive evidence why the Biden Administration must prepare a new environmental study and Congress must repeal a law that mandates the transfer of federal land for the construction of the massive mine that would devastate …

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Local business owner asks city leaders why more isn’t done to market small business

TO: City of Globe, Mayor, Council RE:  Marketing money I have always wondered why Globe does NOTHING to market itself outside of its borders.  We have Besh ba Gowah, The 1910 Jail, The beautiful Center or the Arts,  Pinal Mountain hiking/camping, the lake, Tonto and many other wonderful spots but …

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Barcon notes flaws of engineering report and recommends vote for Palmer & Tower

Dear Editor, For the past two years, I’ve been requesting a copy of the Tri-City Regional Sanitary District’s (TCRSD) Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) which is the detailed engineering report TCRSD submitted to USDA for approval. TCRSD and USDA have withheld this document for two years, which is illegal as the …

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