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Why We Support Linda Gross for State House

Dear Editor,

My husband and I urge citizens in AZ Legislative District 8 to vote for Linda Gross to serve as our State House Representative.  We are former AZ Public School Educators, and have been Small Business Owners for the past 15 years in Globe, AZ.

We have come to know and appreciate the positive energy that Linda brings to the table when working tirelessly to improve our community.  Linda is a creative problem solver who listens to diverse points of view, then moves forward to find consensus that will benefit the common good.  As a successful publisher and entrepreneur for decades, Linda understands how vital “Mom & Pop businesses” are to local economies, and she is especially passionate about sustainable economic opportunity.  As a board member for our local United Fund, she has been instrumental in supporting local youth and social safety net organizations.  As a cancer survivor, Linda knows personally how crucial affordable health care is for all citizens.  And, as a passionate voice for justice, Linda provided leadership in stopping a private prison scheme from invading our town.

We are confident that Linda Gross is the right person to represent the diverse interests and people across Legislative District 8 and throughout the entire Copper Corridor.  We wholeheartedly support Linda Gross for State House Representative in LD8, and we urge you to Early Vote for her now, or at the ballot box on Nov. 6!   

Kelly & Jim Moss

Business Owners, Globe, AZ

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