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Local business owner asks city leaders why more isn’t done to market small business

TO: City of Globe, Mayor, Council

RE:  Marketing money

I have always wondered why Globe does NOTHING to market itself outside of its borders.  We have Besh ba Gowah, The 1910 Jail, The beautiful Center or the Arts,  Pinal Mountain hiking/camping, the lake, Tonto and many other wonderful spots but no one knows about it.  It is not that expensive to run ads promoting our city in The Arizona Republic travel section, bill boards, travel magazines etc.  But when I question the Economic Development Director I am always told there is no money in the budget for that.

Back in June when our state was allowed to reopen IHeartRadio was offering a $2000 one time offer to give a certain amount (you could buy in more) of air time on any radio venue you choose (KNIX, KDKB any of the stations under IHeartRadio) to promote small towns to help get people back out.

Superior, Bisbee and Cottonwood among others JUMPED on this opportunity.  When I brought this to EDD and Chamber both said they couldn’t come up with $2000.00.  Wow, that is ridiculous.  Most of those towns that took that offer are way smaller than Globe and still were able to participate.  This is basic revenue 101, tell people to come spend money at our restaurants, shops, garages and stores and the town makes money also.

I noticed a job posting for the City of Globe with a salary of $42K posted.  At the 11/10/20 meeting the city manager stated that $54K was to go to that position.  Wait a minute, that math does not work.

Where did the $12K come from?  That’s more than enough money for a marketing campaign.  I do not understand, where did this extra $12K come from?  A lot of marketing venue’s are offering deals right now to help get everyone up and running.  .   Your small business are DYING right now and you aren’t even considering what you can do to help.  Not only is this unacceptable, its shameful.  Every small town or big city out there is doing all they can to stimulate their revenue and keep their businesses going.  Why does Globe do nothing?

Cindy Phillips


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