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Old Globe Cemetery: The Stories. The Secrets.

If you are like many people, you might enjoy visiting old cemeteries even if you don’t have relatives there. They are a tangible link with the past and as you stroll the grounds of any old cemetery and read the headstones you can’t help but wonder about the lives lived.

Here in Globe-Miami the old Globe Cemetery is the oldest plot of land designated for burial. It is tucked away into the hills just NORTH of the historic downtown district and has existed as long as the town has with graves dating back to 1871.

Al Seiber's grave located in the Old Globe Cemetery.
Al Seiber’s grave located in the Old Globe Cemetery.

It holds the final resting place of those individuals who made the history books by dint of their accomplishments (Al Seiber, Chief of Scouts) , or their deaths (Sheriff Glenn Reynolds killed in the line of duty).

And there are those whose names history barely recorded except for a burial record and family memories such as the poor souls who died during the 1917-1918 Spanish Flu. Although the headstones do not tell you how they died a look at the records from Lamont Mortuary or Miles Funeral Home, both of which have records dating back to the beginning of civilized life here will paint a picture of lives lived and lost.

A quick look at the old records will reveal how death has changed. The things likely to kill you at the turn of the century included consumption which included those who died from pulmonary tuberculosis and those who drank themselves into the grave. (Today it seems to be food..but that’s another story.)

The Chinese Cemetery was paid for by Dea Gin Foo and established in 1963.
The Chinese Cemetery was paid for by Dea Gin Foo and established in 1963.

 DEATH BY TRAIN…and other threats

There was a rash of deaths attributed to trains beginning in 1898 when the Gila Globe & Northern first pulled into Globe. It seems it took awhile for folks to get used to the big Iron Horse and learn to get out of the way. Deaths associated with trains fell off by the 1920’s.

Of equal danger were mining jobs and many early lives were lost to mining accidents. At the time there were few safety measures and men who did this dangerous work paid the price.

And, of course there was a good deal of death by gunshot, falling horses, angry cows, bar room brawls.

Each According to Affiliation

The old Globe Cemetery is laid out like many are – according to affiliation. There is a section for the Elks, the Knights of Pythias. There is the Black Dog Soldiers and the Chinese grave section. There is one for the Italians and the Slavic Families who helped settle the area. There is event a Paupers section.

Ahh, if only the voices could speak from the grave and tell the stories of their life and times.



A new event, hosted by the Globe Main Street Program and the Arts center is designed to do just that. Billed as the Solstice, Latern-Lit Cemetery Tour, the event will take place on the evening of June 22nd and involve actors and volunteers channeling the voices from the past. For more information, please visit the Event Listing. 



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  1. The railroad was the ‘Gila Valley, Globe and Northern’. Too bad the link to Denver was never completed.

  2. Love your article. I was raised in this small town and learned some great history from u today. I’m writing a blog where I was raised and stumbled upon your article and I’m glad I did! Thanks for the good read.

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