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Reader outlines support for Steve Henry for Pinal County Sheriff

Letter to the Editor:

Steve Henry is particularly well suited to fill the needs of Pinal County. Steve Henry lived in Pinal County while serving as police officer in Chandler. His career extends from patrol, SWAT, Gang Detective, Internal Affairs, Neighborhood Enforcement, Narcotics, to all types of leadership positions including leading the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office at Sheriff Paul’s direction. His exemplary career expands for over 23 years.

He has proved he is able to provide a concerted front to protect our communities and county. During the time that he spent heading up PCSO, directly reporting to Sheriff Paul, he was a driving force to get the only accredited jail in the state of Arizona. He used his professional connections and expertise to help border patrol agents become cross-deputized to pull cartels off of our mountain tops. He created patrol beats to shorten response times, despite the ever limiting resources, to respond to calls all over the county. He located and placed excellent detectives in various positions to decrease investigation times.

None of these tasks came with an on and off again career. Steve Henry never left law enforcement. He never lost the desire to keep his community safe. In fact, every move that he made, throughout his career, allowed him to gain a better vantage point to lower crime. As a matter of fact the two largest professional law enforcement organizations in Arizona, the Arizona Police Association and the National Patrol Council, recognize his professional leadership and contribution to keeping our families safe and have endorsed his candidacy for Sheriff. That speaks volumes.

Steve Henry has sought new positions for the sole driving force of protecting his community. Steve demonstrates a strong sense of wanting to keep Pinal County safe. He’s done it here for almost eight years.

I will be voting for him to continue to keep us safe for another four years.

At Your Service,

Robert Tenney

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