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Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Announces 2016 Community Investment Fund Grant Recipients

Miami, AZ (June 9, 2016) –

The Freeport-McMoRan Foundation has announced that the 2016 Globe-Miami Community Investment Fund grant recipients have been selected. A total of $250,000 will be awarded to five nonprofit organizations. Recipients were recognized and received their monetary awards at a presentation held on Thursday, June 9 at Bullion Plaza in Miami.

The Globe-Miami Community Investment Fund was established in 2012 to focus on programs and projects that help create sustainability and reduce dependency on any single industry. Eligible programs and projects include those in the areas of education, community and economic development, environmental stewardship and health and wellness.

The Fund is governed by a committee comprised of community leaders representing diverse organizations and two Freeport-McMoRan representatives selected by the Globe-Miami Community Partnership Panel. The Panel was also established by Freeport-McMoRan in 2012 to foster open and ongoing dialogue with the community, allowing the company and the community to work together to develop thoughtful solutions that address community issues. The Community Investment Fund Committee solicits and selects programs to receive financial support based on established criteria, and strives to assist in the success of recipient programs.

The 2016 grant recipients include: Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture – $70,000 This grant will fund necessary planning and preparation work to pave the way for the next three years of the school’s studio project in Globe-Miami. Additionally, the investment supports a vocational learning component that is free to local high school students consisting of mentoring by FLW students and staff to build interest and buy-in to create a sustainable future for the program.

Gila Community College – $90,000 Funds will be used to establish a dental assistant program, providing a pathway for students toward successful entry into the workplace. The establishment of the dental assistant program creates an opportunity for local residents to receive training in a career that provides a sustainable income while also having the potential to draw others to the community to complete the program.

Gila County Economic Growth Corporation – $29,300 This grant will be used to create a comprehensive outdoor recreation guide, website and GPS maps to tap into the region’s outdoor recreation market. By increasing the area’s online visibility, boosting outdoor recreation tourism and increasing the tax base, the project has the potential to enhance quality of life for all residents.

Miami Unified School District – $35,000 Funds will be used to update wiring and lighting at Miami High School’s 1,000-seat auditorium; the largest performance venue in the area. The improvements will provide a safer experience, allow the space to be used more regularly and create an earned revenue source for the District. Freeport-McMoRan 2

The Salvation Army – $25,700 This funding will be used to support the TEK (Technology Educating Kids) Program, bringing state of the art, research-based, early learning technology and curriculum to students in an effort to develop school readiness.

“The key to sustainable communities, is the development of a strong set of diverse assets including things like a varied sources of economic revenue and jobs, quality schools that support local workforce development, preventative social and health services that reduce the higher cost of urgent hospital care and government services,” said Tracy Bame, President of the Freeport-McMoRan Foundation.

“We appreciate and commend the efforts of the Globe-Miami Community Investment Fund Committee as well as local nonprofits, academic institutions and citizens, to consider the kinds of community projects that will best support the needs of the area and the goal to achieve greater sustainability.”

Additional information about Freeport-McMoRan community investments and programs may be obtained by visiting www.FreeportInMyCommunity.com or by contacting Robin Horta at Robin_Horta@fmi.com or 928-473-7507.

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