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Palmer Report Father’s Day Edition

It is Father’s Day weekend and the sun is bright an shinning. If you have survived the recent heatwaves then prepare yourself for a few more. Summer begins on June 20th but it feels like it is already here. For those looking for something special for Dad this weekend, well, I have a few ideas for you to check out.

Cobre Valle Country Club

The Cobre Valle Country Club, located on the crossroads of Highways 60 and 188, is a wonderful place to take Dad for a getaway this Father’s Day. The Cobre Valle Country Club has been a part of the Globe-Miami community for decades. A lot of the locals, myself included, learned how to golf and swim at this very location. Membership fees are very affordable and include an array of membership types. You can sign up for a swimming membership, a workout membership, a bar membership, a golf membership or go all out and get the all inclusive membership. Tucked away on the East side of the building is the elegant little Cobre Grill, serving food from 11am to 2pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.

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Los Robertos 

Los Robertos in Globe now has two locations. One is where they have always been at the South end of Broad Street in Downtown, while the new location is off Highway 60 at the East end of Globe, Arizona. Los Robertos serves traditional Mexican food as well as a few of their signature dishes. One of the local favorites is called the ‘Arizona Burro.’ This is made with steak, french fries and sour cream; you can not go wrong with that. Whether you are going on a road trip or on your lunch break, Los Robertos is serving something special just for you.


4B Shooting Supplies

4B Shooting Supplies is located on Highway 60 on the East end of Miami, Arizona. Owned and operated by Tracy this local shop has knives, hand guns, hunting rifles as well as archery supplies. You could drive to the Phoenix Valley to try and beat his prices but you would be wasting your time as Tracy has done the leg work to ensure that his inventory is on par or better than any other retailer in the state. For all those concerned with public safety you can be assured that any purchases from 4B Shooting Supplies will have their standard background check and more. Make your father smile this Father’s Day with a purchase of mans best friend, no offense to the dog population.


Humphrey’s Two Lanes Saloon

This is no longer your grandparents bar; Humphrey’s Two Lanes Saloon, located off Highway 60 at the East end of Globe, has really stepped up their game. Every weekend you can catch a live band or two, while Thursday nights have karaoke or open mics and Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesday have pool tournaments. The serving staff is readily available as they pass through the door that goes from inside at the bar to the outside patio. This bar also serves hot foods of perfect bar snacking quality.


On Friday, June 17th Two Lanes will host the live Apache band Chaka and Friends. These guys pack the house and begin playing at about 9pm. The next night, Saturday, June 18th come on down and test your pipes with R.A.W. Karaoke. The following week on Friday, June 24th the Chris Kane Trio will be rocking the house. If you have not seen CJ Kane, his lovely aunt/drummer Rhoda and Mike Reardon jam then you are in for a real special treat as they specialize in classics from Jimi Hendrix and more. Finally, on the last day of the month, Thursday, June 30th, Frank Taylor brings you Two Lanes own: Heavy Metal Night. On Metal Night you can catch amazing bands like Enemy Machine, Alliance,  Treasoning the Mind and more as they play original music as well as a few heavy metal covers.

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