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House will vote to gain ownership or control of public lands

PHOENIX-Arizona Wildlife Federation:
This Thursday (1/25) the Arizona House of Representatives Committee on Land, Agriculture and Rural affairs will be voting on HB2210

HB2210 directs the state attorney general to investigate and report his findings on outlandish state takeover theories, which have been rejected time and again. After consulting with the president of the senate and the speaker of the house, the attorney general will consider taking action to “gain ownership or control of the public lands within this state.” 

The transfer of public lands will result in being locked out of our favorite places to camp, hike, hunt, and fish. It is economically impossible for the state to manage all 25 million acres of public land here in Arizona, when we can barely keep our rest stops open. Let’s stop this bill and the threat of public lands turnover in its tracks! 


Option 1: Attend the committee hearing at the state capitol this Thursday, January 25, 2018, Room HHR 3 @ 10:00 a.m. During this hearing the public will be given a chance to speak out against bill HB2210, let the committee members know that Public Lands Should Remain in Public Hands! Even if you do not speak, the sportsmen’s community presence goes a long way. 

Option 2: Email or call one or more of the committee members (see contact list below) and let them know that Public Lands Should Remain in Public Hands and vote to “NO” on HB2210. Write your own email or feel free to send this simple message to your representative. 

Option 3: Officially log your opposition to HB2210 with the State Legislature. To do this you must be registered via a kiosk at the state capitol. If you are not already registered and want to do this, please reach out to scott@azwildlife.org with your name and email. From there, Scott will sign you up and provide detailed instructions on how to proceed. 

Land, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee members: 
Brenda Barton, Chairman – 602-926-4129 – bbarton@azleg.gov 
David Mitchell, Vice Chairman – 602-926-5894 – dmitchell@azleg.gov 
Wenona Benally – 602-926-5172 – wbenally@azleg.gov 
David Cook – 602-926-5162 – dcook@azleg.gov 
Rosanna Gabaldon – 602-926-3424 – rgabaldon@azleg.gov 
Travis Grantham – 602-926-4868 – tgrantham@azleg.gov 
Becky Nutt – 602-926-4852 – bnutt@azleg.gov 
Gerae Peten – 602-926-4842 – gpeten@azleg.gov

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