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Council selects skate park for CDBG funding at May 28 meeting

Globe Skate Park slated for rehab with state funds

After holding a public hearing, Council voted to select the Globe Skate Park as the recipient of this year’s Community Development Block Grant funding from the Arizona Department of Housing. The funds will go to remove and replace the existing equipment.

The skate park will stay in the same footprint but will have all new equipment. Councilman Pastor pointed out that the skate park hasn’t had a makeover in at least 20 years.

The project will also include ADA improvements at the Upper Community Center Complex, specifically for the parking lot. The ADA improvements were originally proposed as a separate candidate project, but Angela Gotto with Arizona Central Governments, who attended the meeting, pointed out that the ADA improvements could be combined with the skate park rehab because the skate park utilizes the parking lot. The council approved doing so.

Gotto pointed out that the funds this year increased by about $20,000 over last year. The total CDBG funds amount to $253,821, but a percentage of that total will have to be used to pay administrative costs, leaving about $240,000 for the project. 

“I see signs, ‘No Skating,’ but where do they have to go? They have no other place to go. So we have this group of demographic kids that love to be active in skating, and we’re telling them don’t skate here. But we don’t have anywhere for them to go skate.” Councilman Mike Pastor

Public Works Director John Angulo said the City obtained a quote from American Rep, the company that worked on the San Carlos skate park, which came in around $160,000. American Rep is also designing a skate park for Miami currently.

The other projects that Council considered for the CDBG funds included:

  • Demolition of the Rogue Building would allow for the Globe Library’s expansion. Angulo pointed out structural concerns about the building’s connection with a retaining wall behind it. There are also issues with the ownership of the retaining wall and whether a property owner might have to be involved to secure the wall. Mayor Gameros noted that the project will need extensive engineering evaluation before any work being done, and Councilman Leetham pointed out that the CDBG funds might not be enough to complete the project.
  • ADA improvements at the Round Mountain Restroom/Complex, including upgrades to the gateway, doors, sidewalks, and lighting.
  • ADA improvements at City Hall, including for access to the main door and bathrooms. Linda Oddonetto, the City’s Economic and Community Development Director, pointed out that many people struggle to access the front doors, and the front lobby and bathrooms need to be made more accessible, especially for people who use a wheelchair or a knee scooter.
  • Improvements to the Globe Head Start building. Angulo pointed out that this project involves work that would be considered maintenance, and as a result the project doesn’t qualify for the CDBG funding. 

A public hearing was held to allow members of the public to comment, but there were no takers.

Public comment on City communication with property owners

During the public comment period at the beginning of the meeting, Globe resident Paul Milbury pointed out that he had received a citation relating to awnings on a historic building he owns in Globe. He said has been trying to get the awnings done for years but has had many problems finding contractors to do the work. He asked that the City focus on communicating and working with property owners rather than solely enforcing code. He said the City needs to support business owners better, work more efficiently with property owners, and communicate better.

Motions approved

Council also approved motions for the following:

  • Accounts payable in the amount of $448,550.41
  • Approving a grant award for $4,000 from the State Library’s LSTA 2024 Express Grant program. This grant will continue funding the WiFi for the Senior and Students Program.
  • Approving the FY24-25 Library Service Agreement with the Gila County Library District, which includes a distribution to the City of Globe for $131,900, plus $1,200 for telephone expenses, for a total distribution to the City of $133,100. Library Director Rayel Starling explained that this is an annual grant Globe receives, which increased this year by $5,100 over last year.
  • Approving an intergovernmental agreement between the Gila County Government and the City of Globe for the Spillman record management system for the Police Department. Chief Dale Walters explained that this annual renewal is standard, is funded through the City’s agreement with the County for dispatch services, and is necessary for compliance with standards. Chief Walters said Spillman has had some challenges, but improvements are ongoing. The PD has considered alternative systems, but due to the high costs of those systems, and the fact that the PD has other higher priorities, staying with Spillman for the time being is more practical, Walters said. Mayor Gameros pointed out that the Fire Department also uses Spillman for their records.
  • Approving a contract with Arizona Eastern Railroad in the amount of $235,409 to cover the cost of design and preparation for the upgraded railroad crossing at the new Cottonwood Bridge, also known as Upper Pinal Creek Bridge. City Engineer Luis Chavez-Flores said the money to pay for the work will come from a $600,000 grant for additional work on the bridge replacement. The upgraded crossing will have a smoother surface for vehicles and a pedestrian sidewalk, as well as better lighting. The project might also include paving from the bridge to Broad Street. Chaves-Fores said work is progressing despite delays due to weather.
  • Approving a task order to a contract with Sunrise Engineering for survey services on various locations throughout the City of Globe, in an amount not to exceed $16,632. John Angulo explained that the engineers will look at easement concerns such as in the North Pine Street area, among others. Easement issues can affect drainage and utilities, Angulo said.
  • Approving change orders for a project with Arizona Eastern Railway Company, for the Hill Street Extension project, in conjunction with the Connie’s Bridge Replacement project, in the amounts of $5,975 and $22,625. Luis Chavez-Flores explained that this work involves working on the railroad tracks or signals. The $5,975 relates to a foundation where costs increased due to a survey delay, and the $22,625 relates to the removal of cantilever signs from the old bridge.
  • Issuing a Request for Proposals for the purchase of automatic meter infrastructure (AMI) water meters and a related system, and moving forward with an advertisement for the RFP. The project will be submitted to the Water Infrastructure Finance Authority for reimbursement under a Water Conservation grant. Chavez-Flores explained that the City first needs to determine what specific kind of meters to purchase, and then will put an installation contract out for bid. Chavez-Flores said the meters will be able to be monitored by homeowners via a phone app so people can be alerted to any water leak before it becomes expensive. People will also be able to see and pay their bills via the app.

Members of the Globe City Council: Mayor Al Gameros, Vice Mayor Mike Stapleton (District 4), and Council members Freddy Rios (District 1), Mike Pastor (District 2), Jesse Leetham (District 3), Mariano Gonzalez (District 5), and Fernando Shipley (District 6). All members attended this meeting except Vice Mayor Stapleton and Councilman Shipley.

To view this meeting online, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDVVnCGspAs.

To view documents related to this meeting, click here

Full minutes can be found by visiting the City Hall website 

The Globe City Council meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. 

Members of the public can also participate in City of Globe public meetings by viewing the meeting live on YouTube. To view the live stream of the Council meeting, go to the City of Globe’s YouTube channel (search for City of Globe Arizona). 

To speak to agenda items before or during the meeting, call or text (928) 200-0154 or email council@globeaz.gov. If you desire to speak to the Council during an agenda item.


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