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A gesture of kindness this holiday season

Dear Editor, 

Recently I witnessed a true kindness which brightened my day, so I’m sharing my story.

Last Friday as I was pushing through the holiday blahs and feeling every bit of a really rough day, it seemed like everyone I talked to was in the same boat.

Then to top it off I dropped a heavy object on my cell phone and shattered the glass. So, I went over to the Bull frog store to get a replacement and ran into a Globe police officer who was there to buy a phone as well. We got to talking and he told me that an older women had been approached earlier by a man who asked to borrow her cell phone. After kindly handing her phone over to him, he proceeded to run off it!

Go figure.

Well, the officer not only took the report, but he was in the store buying a new phone for her out of his OWN pocket. That one gesture of kindness put everything that was happening in my world, back into perspective.

KUDOS to that police officer and to everyone who puts their best foot forward and helps another! It makes me proud to be a member of this community.

Debbie Cox

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