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Youth Club vandalized

Crime strikes right at the heart of why the Club is so needed.

GLOBE- Glass crashed as vandals destroyed windows on all three of the Cobre Valley Youth Club vehicles this week. Staff and volunteers reacted in anger and sadness as they surveyed the damage and discussed the ramifications of the crime.

The anger came from the sheer senselessness of such an act, and the sadness because it was clear that whoever destroyed the expensive windows either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that the Club operates specifically to help them personally.

Staff had to call three schools to let them know their children could not be picked up from school on Thursday. The school then called parents to let them know they would have to make arrangements to pick up their children instead.

“I felt like I had no words to describe how upset I am about this crime,” said Aimee Staten, executive director of the Youth Club, “but the more I thought about it, the more I realized this event proves just how much we need a safe, positive place for youths and teens to gather after school and during their off hours.”

Since the perpetrators have not yet been caught, the Club doesn’t know whether the crime was committed by adults or juveniles.

“The thing is, everything we do here is to help young people learn how to be their best selves in addition to freeing their parents to make a living,” Staten said. “You would think people – even young people – would appreciate that.”

The Club depends completely on grants and donations from local businesses and individuals. It does not receive any federal or state government subsidies like most charitable nonprofits that offer such desperately needed services to families.  This is true of most – if not all – such after-school programs.

“Sadly, despite our best efforts, our Club operates in the red just about every month,” Staten said.

In an effort to keep expenses as low as possible for parents so they can work and make ends meet for their families, the Club charges the following rates:

  • Annual membership per member: $25
  • Monthly charge for individual: $30
  • Monthly charge for family up to five kids: $50.

“The cost to repair the damage will have to come from other programs we offer that are still desperately needed,” said Board Secretary Mickie Nye.

The Club offers two different mentorship and character programs – Matters of the Heart and Camp Boost – to different age groups in addition to homework help and tutoring, STEM, Art, Food Science and Get Fit.

“I think this outlines how badly this community needs a place for its youth, and although the attack was senseless, we won’t give up on our mission of creating a safe place for the youth of our community,” said Matt Storms, board vice chair. The Globe Police were called and responded to the scene.

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