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Water shortage in San Carlos announced

San Carlos- During the summer, in San Carlos, AZ., it can be unpredictable when potable water is available in the community.  For example, recently, the Peridot district lacked water, and thanks to the San Carlos Tribal Council, bottled water was made available by staff from various Tribal programs such as the SC-DHHS, Tribal Security, SC’s General Manager, SCAT-PD, Health Care Corporation, Colorado River Indian Community, and others and volunteers distributed bottles directly to community homes.

Due to the water shortage, community members are urged to be conservative with their water use by using it only for basic needs.  The San Carlos Utility Authority recommendations are the following: do not water lawns, do not wash vehicles, do not fill your pools, wash only full loads of laundry, and tenants of the Housing Authority will need to report leaking of water faucets, coolers, and indoor fixtures. If you have any questions or concerns contact the San Carlos Utility Authority @ 928.475.2307 and for housing tenants regarding leaking fixtures & plumbing please call the Housing Authority @ 928.475.2346.

During excessive heat in summer months high water demand is expected and water can run out in the Peridot area (night and day) if a nightly water shut off was not put into practice. The nightly water shut off has been occurring at the late evening hours and then early in the morning Utility personnel begin restoring water by opening valves. Household water demands increase in the mornings and late afternoons as many prepare to leave home or are returning home many may experience very low water pressure. It is suspected that leaky faucets, plumbing fixtures, toilets and coolers or excessive water use in neighborhoods are contributing to low flow or low tank levels. New Moonbase, Moonbase, Hallelujah Square, and Hollywood Ridge neighborhoods seem to be affected the most.

The SCAT-Tribal Emergency Response Commission, Tribal Council, SCAHC and other organizations like Colorado River Indian Community, Indian Health Service, Graham County and others have provided resources and processes by which short term and long term solutions will begin. In the event of a real health related emergency please call 928.475-2388.

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