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Unlocking$244,000 dollars for Miami: Survey holds the key.

Have you ever complained about the streets, or the blight, or the state of housing…or any other number of infrastructure needs facing Miami?

Miami is just one week, and 141 surveys short of receiving nearly a quarter of a million dollars in federal funding from HUD.

The deadline for getting the surveys into CAG is next Monday and there are no do-overs. If Miami fails to send in the required number of surveys which HUD requires [322], they will not get the money that has been earmarked for them.

They are 141 short. 

Street repairs are just one of the infrastructure projects which could use the money.

Unfortunately, some mis-reporting and word-of-mouth fear mongering about privacy concerns threatens to torpedo this effort. Please don’t let it!

The Town of Miami is NOT conducting the survey, but collecting them for CAG – Central Arizona Governments- who are collating the information for HUD. It was CAG who generated a random list of names for surveying -not the Town of Miami.  The survey does NOT ask for your social security number. The Town staff does not match up your name with your survey information.  And, should the Town get this money, they will hold public meetings on how best to spend it; streets, housing, economic development etc. 

The HUD survey asks that people provide information such as income range and basic household information to justify the release of funds. The survey doesn’t include personal information.

There is no name or address on the survey portion. But they do ask the 322 people who received the survey to fill out a ‘receipt’ form with their name and address to confirm real people responded. The two forms are viewed completely separately by HUD, but unfortunately were printed on the same page.Hence the privacy concerns. But there is a simple fix and a big reward for taking that extra step involving a pair of scissors.

First the reward(s).

Miami gets the $244,000 in federal dollars to make infrastructure improvements and the Town council is sweetening the deal by giving respondents 2 free months of trash and sewer to respondents who get their surveys in by the 16th. 

So please take a minute and separate the forms before sending them in.

Whether you plan to drop them off at city hall (in separate envelopes) or mail them in, they just need to be post marked by Dec 16th. 

Here is the survey which the 322 ‘random residents’ received. If you are one of them…and haven’t sent in your survey, just know that you are holding the key to unlocking a big pot of money for Miami that can be spent on much needed improvements. 

Here is the Survey

Here is the Receipt which is printed on the same page but can easily be cut off and send in separately. 

                                          So, please pull out the scissors, and fill out the two part survey/ receipt and get it in by Monday, Dec 16th.

Again, you can put your survey and receipt in in separate envelopes and turn it into the town OR mail directly to CAG:

2540 W. Apache Trail  Ste 108   Apache Junction, AZ 85120

          Do it Today. 


This is a small “ask” in exchange for helping Miami get

nearly a quarter of a million dollars from the Federal government. 


~Linda Gross
Globe Miami Times

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