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Tri-City Waste

By: Fred Barcon

It’s with utter astonishment that I write yet another editorial.

The Tri-City Regional Sanitary Board (TRSD) marches forward with their project, despite proof from neutral third-party engineering firm, Kimley-Horn, that concurs with what I have been pointing out for over 4 years. 

A third wastewater treatment plant is NOT needed and the project is far too expensive, TRSD tax payers cannot afford the project! Period.   

There is not one single, solitary, logical reason for continuing to move forward with the third wastewater treatment plant. Every argument TRSD has used to push forward with the third wastewater treatment plant has been proven false.

We’re no longer disputing opinions; the facts speak for themselves.

According the Kimley-Horn engineering study, there’s a minimum $10-million savings to hook up to the Miami system. However, what was not included in the Kimley-Horn study is two key facts:

  1. Municipalities receive 80% grant with 20% loan. Sanitary Districts receive 50% grant with 50% loan.

Cost if TRSD Built Alone           $69,000.000.00        Cost if TRSD tied to Miami $59,000,000.00

Minus 50% grant $34,500,000.00       Minus 80% grant             $47,700,000.00    

Taxpayer loan $34,500,000.00       Taxpayer loan             $11,300,000.00

  1. The Kimley-Horn study used project estimates provided by TRSD. Kimley-Horne did not value engineer the costs TRSD provided checking for accuracy. If they had, they would have pointed out many additional flaws and errors that will drive the project costs far above estimated costs.

TRSD’s engineer knowingly used low-ball estimates and will increase and adjust prices once the project is underway.

The TRSD Board is once again resorting to withholding information from the public, as they are now moving the wastewater treatment plant to a new location that is further away from the previous location- and it’s uphill!

Those changes add millions of dollars to the budget- to add the additional infrastructure and lift stations to pump waste even further uphill.    

Mark Twain said it well, there’s no other explanation for the TRSD Board to claim they’re working in the best interest of the residents and tax payers.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.” – Mark Twain.

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