GMT met with Globe City Manager, Paul Jepson, outside on the picnic bench as we socially distanced and discussed the upcoming election cycle. Photo by LCGross.
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A conversation with Globe City Manager on the eve of Election

Arizona holds its Primary Election on August 4, 2020. Arizona has an open primary which means all registered voters can participate, including independents. 

“We encourage everybody to get out and vote,” says Paul Jepson, Globe City Manager. ”One of the few things society asks of everybody is to participate.”

Globe residents will choose new City Council members and vote on Prop 406. 

The City of Globe is run with a Council Member form of government, common in communities of less than ½ million. City Council is composed of the mayor and six council members. Mayor Al Gameros is running unopposed for reelection, as is Freddy Rios in Council Member District 1. Mike Pastor and Dan Shinder are running in District 2. Charlene Giles and David Phillip Rodriguez in District 5.

“Everyday people who live in the city are elected to watch over the government,” says Paul.

The role of the council is to set priorities, enact legislation and approve a budget to address the priorities of the City. The budget is executed through the City’s fourteen departments by City Manager Paul Jepson; he’s been on the job since March 2016.

“I serve all seven on the council, but my direction comes from the body,” explains Paul. “This council and the council past has aimed to make Globe business friendly.” 

Shelly Salazar began working for the City in 2001 as a Payroll Clerk. She has been serving under Council as City Recorder and is the official record keeper for the city.

“It’s exciting to work for the city of Globe,” she says “as a longtime employee, to see economic development — that we have a plan.” 

They both speak with pride of the top-notch fire and police service that Globe provides its citizens.

“Public Safety departments are really great,” Shelly says, “They care about our community.”

Police, Fire, Public Works and Administration departments account for 72% of the $13.5 million general fund. The council has approved a tentative budget that sets the legal limit of spending in 2021. There is room for subtle adjustments before it is finalized. 

“This is a very engaged council,” Paul says. “They want to hear from you.”


Prop 406

Every 4 years Globe citizens vote on Prop 406.  Historically passed since 1981.  

“We define our own budget,” says Paul. “Otherwise the state mandates it.  

A Yes vote on Prop 406 establishes an alternative expenditure limitation for the City of Globe. 

A No vote on Prop 406 allows the state to mandate spending limits for the City of Globe.

In the era of prop 13 and other tax revolts, the state imposed expenditure limits to keep city budgets from growing too fast.  The Arizona State Constitution allows for cities to opt for the alternative expenditure limitation and base their city budget on the revenues they receive.

Globe operates on a balanced budget. The city project revenues and expenses. 

“Approval of Prop 406 allows us to spend what we receive,” says Paul  “ It is not a tax increase.”

The Rest of the Ballot

Gila County residents (Arizona State District 8) will be choosing candidates for State Senator and candidates for the State House Representative; the winners from each party compete in the November election. 

Arizona residents will be choosing new Corporation Commissioners. The Arizona Corporation Commission has five members who are elected to four-year terms.  The Commission regulates the rates, business practices, health and safety of many utilities, including gas, water, electricity, and telephone services.  It also regulates corporations, securities, railroads and pipelines. That’s a lot of power. Who do you want to give it to?

“Then it’s your  time to decide, do your education, read multiple sources, make your choice based on the best information available,” Paul encourages. “It’s something a lot of people fought and died for you to be able to do. And it’s one thing you can do.”


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  1. I was told, recently, by the Globe City Manager, that the “changes” I suggested in the processing of a mentally ill person, in crisis,–were not in the city’s “budget.” That the way things are done, havr “always been that way, so why change them now.”
    Well, guess what, there are more and more mentally ill persons living in Globe, now, and these changes NEED to be made, or else there will be more SUICIDES. (Mine included.)
    I had yet another experience with CBI negligence, yesterday: I went to our ER feeling suicidal; was evaluated by Yvonne, the CBI crisis person and she IS SUPPOED TO find a bed for me at Sonora Behavioural Hospital, in Tucson; after sitting in ER for 2 hrs. with no human contact, I inquired about going to that psyche hospital–no-one knew what was happening, and Yvonne, CBI crisis person, had left the hospital; she never told me if there was a bed available, she didn’t even tell the staff at the ER anything, she just left me hanging;
    Well, I called my hubby to come and please pick me up from the hospital, and he did and I went home; NO-ONE came to check on me, make sure I hadn’t killed myself–which was my initial intention; NO-ONE came the next day either; these are people I was relying on to keep me from killing myself; I had a deputy originally take me to the hospital, as I did not want to go in an ambulance.(one of the “changes” I wanted to change when I spoke with the city manager, so many weeks ago,)
    I have had to “overmedicate with sleep aids” today, just to not go off the deep end, because the ER and the crisis team has let me down, and I feel like suing them all for gross negligence.
    Things, in this area of mental health, in City of Globe need to change!

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