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Closing the Keystone Brothel in Miami

Although there are many stories relating to brothels and the Red Light Districts in both Globe and Miami, there were none as famous as the Keystone Hotel in Miami. It came into being in the early 1900’s and quickly gained a reputation which carried down throughout the years. It was closed down occasionally by ‘virtuous law officials who would try to maintain some sort of control, but as surely as it was closed, it would quietly open again. In March of 1943 it was closed down by the US government, only to re-open again several months later. But in 1962 somebody made the “king-size mistake of buying a big display ad in the yellow pages of the telephone book. The ad even had a map which marked the location of the “Hotel” and its hours of operation.

The ad aroused such a storm of protest it was closed down by the county attorney, who vowed that it would stay closed. This time the threat stuck and the Keystone Massage Salon never re-opened.

The building was sold for taxes in 1969 and torn down shortly thereafter. An era had come to a close.


The Keystone Motel in Miami operated well into the 60’s until an enthusiastic manager put an ad for the Keystone in the 1962 phone book.

*see: Globe, Az by Clara T Woody and Milton Schwartz

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