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State prison unit in Globe not closing

The Arizona State Prison unit in Globe will not be closing, according to the Deputy Warden’s office. It was being considered for closure – along with a unit in the Safford area – because of low inmate numbers statewide and low staffing.

“We are down more than 1,200 inmates across the state,” said Terry Willard, administrative secretary to the deputy warden for Globe. The unit was also being considered for closure because of low staffing.

Globe Mayor Al Gameros told Globe Miami Times that he would be attending a meeting soon about the staffing issue, but he was glad the prison unit was not closing. “I’m not sure why there is a staffing issue, but we will meet to discuss that,” he said.

Terry Willard, administrative secretary to the prison’s deputy warden, said the Globe unit received two emails notifying them the prison would not be closed. One email was from Director Charles Ryan.

She also said the director called and told them “Globe is off the table.”

There are 214 inmates at the Globe unit, which is part of the Arizona Department of Corrections prison in Florence. There are 300 beds at the unit. Before the detention facility was closed in 2006, there were 350 beds.

About 100 employees work at the unit.

Globe Miami Times is still awaiting information from the media relations office of the Arizona Department of Corrections. We will update any information as it is received.

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