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Picric Acid shuts down Broadstreet

Globe City and Fire officials close off Broad Street .

GLOBE-Most of Globe’s downtown district has been cleared as of mid- morning when old bottles of picric acid, a potentially volatile Class A explosive, were found in the basement of an empty building on Broad street, while the owner was clearing out debris. He alerted Globe Fire.

Globe PD and Fire are on the scene now and DPS is on the way. There is no ETA for when the HAZMAT situation will be resolved according to Linda Oddentto, Assistant to City Manager, Paul Jepsen. 

The acid, dating back perhaps 50 years been used by a local pharmacy which in in keeping with historical data showing that during the 1920s-30s, picric acid was used either alone or in combination with butyl aminobenzoate as an antiseptic dressing for burn wounds.

However today, US OSHA has classified picric acid as a Class A Explosive. Picic acid explodes at temperatures greater than 572° F. It is a combustible/flammable solid. It may explosively decompose on shock, concussion, or friction.

This is an evolving story and we will update as we have information from the City. 

UPDATE-March 21 6pm:

The picric acid was discovered in two other locations within the evacuation area and at the Gila County Historical Society Museum.  All material was safely removed and disposed of by the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Team and Broad street was reopened at 6 p.m. For the full press release from the city see HERE.

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