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City of Globe issues update on HAZMAT

March 21, 2018 – City of Globe

At approximately 9:50 AM, an unidentified substance was found in a building on the 100 block of North Broad Street and was determined to be potentially hazardous.   The City of Globe Fire and Police Departments immediately evacuated the areas between Sycamore and Mesquite Streets, and Hill and Broad Streets.  A DPS HAZMAT team is en route to assess the material found and properly dispose of it.  All measures to ensure our public’s safety are being taken.


The material has been identified by Globe Fire and DPS personnel as being extremely volatile.  Due to the age of and the destabilized nature of the material, the emergency evacuation guideline distances were implemented by Globe Fire and Police Departments, with assistance from Tri-City Fire and Gila County Sheriff’s Departments.  Personnel from the Department of Public Safety Explosive Ordinance Team are responding to the incident and will make a determination on how to mitigate the material.

Contact Linda Oddonetto, City of Globe PIO at (928) 961-3382 for further updates.

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