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Palmer Report August 26th to September 1st

For the next couple of weeks I am going to feature some of Globe-Miami’s finest musicians. I have the pleasure of knowing most of these musicians personally as well as professionally. One of the best aspects of the Globe-Miami music scene is how accessible the local bands are. It is common place for the band to leave the stage after a set, or during a break, to have a few drinks with the crowd. This element of humility allows for a unity between the crowd and the band that raises the energy level with every performance. It is one thing to know of a band. It is a completely different thing to know the band.

Low Expectations on Tour. Photos by Andrea Justice. Superior, Arizona.

Low Expectations has been a band for less than a year, yet they have already built quite a name for themselves. Bringing a driven style all their own to their popular music choices, Low Ex really knows how to play to the crowd. Covering everything from “Purple Rain” by Prince to “Give me Two Steps” by Lynard Skynard they also have a broad range of music to play. I think the lead singer, Justin Justice said it best when he said “We’re not loud and overbearing, we’re not meek and underwhelming, we work hard at what we do and when it comes time to turn it up we’re all business and we’ve proven that.”

Lead Singer of Low Expectations; Justin Justice. Photographs by Andrea Justice.

Justin Justice leads the way as the front man and singer of Low Expectations. You would struggle to find a person with more of the raw characteristics it takes to lead a group of men. Justin is a friend to all and enemy to none. Oh yeah, and by the way, this guy has a set of pipes to rock any genre of music with style. Go ahead and watch Low Expectations perform without falling in love with the Justice charm. Just don’t stand to close to that microphone stand, you may end up on the wrong end of a microphone stand kick.

Drummer for Low Expectations; Ken Hernandez. Photos by Andrea Justice.

I was once told that all a band needs is a drummer and a singer who can sing to that drummer. Ken Hernandez is that drummer. This guy provides a steady beat with such consistency that it makes you wonder if he is indeed human. Then you meet him in person and realize he is literally one of the most humble and caring individuals you will ever encounter. I dare you to go to a Low Ex show and try not to dance to that heart felt beat.

Low Expectations Guitarist; Daniel Philpot.
Low Expectations Guitarist; Daniel Philpot. Photographs by Andrea Justice.

My usual comment about Daniel is that he makes a guitar look like a toy. Both by his size and his paying ability. The fact of the matter is that Daniel has a true understanding of music. One would think that he better understand music since his mother and father are both active musicians, but it goes a little deeper than that. Daniel has an ability to not only hear music and play it, but to hear music and play something different. A true lead guitarist and one hell of a model American.

Low Expectations Bassist; Josh Cummings. Photograph by Andrea Justice.
Low Expectations Bassist; Josh Cummings. Photograph by Andrea Justice.

I had the opportunity to sit in on a Low Expecations practice. The one thing that stuck with me most was Josh’s ability to arrange and produce music. When the band was learning a new song Josh took the lead, pointing out flaws, mistakes and using encouragement to fix the broken pieces. If the drums are the backbone and the beat, the bass is the glue that holds the rest of the band in time with the drummer. Josh Cummings has this quality locked down with Low Expectations. Just when you think it can not get any better, Josh chimes in with perfectly timed backing vocals.

You can catch Low Expectations this week as they host Farley’s Pub – Open Mic night on Saturday, August 29th from 9pm until Midnight.


Other Events in Globe-Miami:

Jammerz Bar– Friday, August 28th. 9pm to Midnight. Jean and the Chocolate Drops. Live Music.

Saturday, August 29th. 9pm to Midnight. Bitchin camaro. Live Music.

Wild Horses Saloon – Saturday, August 29th. 4pm to 10pm. Ozzy’s Bday bash featuring Jarod W. Spencer and Sinthetic.



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