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Palmer Report April 15th

Dare to be different. Reach for the stars. Never give up. These are all phrases that come to mind when one contemplates opening their own business. It is never an easy thing to strike out on your own. It is like placing all your chips on one bet and that bet is all in, on yourself. Fear grips your outer shell as your hands become clammy and your mouth becomes dry, almost as if they were switching roles. It is in these moments that we can reach within to rise above and change the world. One small piece at a time.

Bringing the Music Festival Atmosphere to the Local Watering Hole

Jammerz Bar  is daring to push the boundaries on what a bar can be. Even as I call it a bar I struggle with the label as I know it does not truly convey what Jean and Sara are creating here. The bar itself has pristine location on Broad Street in Downtown Globe, Arizona. The giant guitar painted on the west wall is perfectly highlighted by the classic glow of bright neon lights as the sun sets and the party begins.

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Inside Jammerz you will find a bar, a pool table and a few scattered tables for larger groups. Nothing out of the ordinary, until you begin to meet the people. The staff here are some of the friendlies people in town. Sam or Savanna are usually manning the bar and the part owner/manager/server; the wonderful Miss Sara is always around just when you need her. It does not take long for your eyes to wonder to one of three projection screens placed in the corners of the bar. These screens provide a perfect place to catch the UFC fight on 23rd of April or the 14th of May. On Sunday’s Jammerz hosts the infamous Night Cap Hour from 7-10pm and on Thursdays you can catch bro night from 8pm to close.

Jammerz FUN

On Wednesday nights Jammerz brings you on to the stage with Karaoke Night Specials. On Friday and Saturdays there is sure to be a DJ or a live band performing on the outside stage. That is right, Jammerz Bar has an outside stage that sets the tone for a Music Festival like atmosphere. This is because the owner, Jean Garcia, is deeply in love music. “Jammerz Bar was bought and paid for with the money I earned playing in the band Jaded,” proclaimed Jean as we talked about the new stripper pole in the middle of the stage. “I just like to see people having fun with music. If that is what they like to do, hey, go for it.” This is the exact attitude that has been injecting new life in to the Globe music scene, bar scene and night life. With bands like the Chris Kane Trio performing on Saturday the 16th, , Bitchin’ Camaro, who is playing on April 30th and then the Rock Hawgs on May 7th; Jammerz provides a wide array of musical styles as well as an opportunity for local bands to play. Bands like Low Expectations, ‘Alternative State’ and Jeans own ‘Jean and the Chocolate Drops’ have made Jammerz a regular place to play and connect with their audience.

Bands @ jammerz


Miami is Yourami

New Direction is a new band featuring local talent Brian Vadnais on guitar, George Flores on the bass and James Licano on the drums. As they are all experienced musicians, they already have the ability to play a wide variety of music from Latino and salsa to country and rock n roll.  New Direction will be performing live at the Veterans Memorial Park for the Miami Boom Town Spree on Saturday, April 16th at 11am with a follow up performance at Wild Horses Saloon later that night at 8pm. The Miami Boom Town Spree is back as a one day festival starting from 8am on Saturday and lasting well into the evening. The event will be located on Sullivan Street in Miami, Arizona from the Miami Veterans Memorial Park to the Bullion Plaza Cultural Center  at the west end of the road. For more information on the Boom Town Spree; where it started, why it stopped and what it is: please visit this website.

New Direction w text


Art in All Forms

Weaver Dane Thomas will be showing his latest creations  at the Jim Coates Gallery from March 26 until Jun 4 2016.  His work is a mixture of bright colors and bold designs spun on a home made loom. The show includes his wall hangings plus his sculptural and wardrobe pieces. The gallery is located in Miami, AZ at 418 W Sullivan St.

The 7th Annual Miami Loco Arts Festical is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 22nd-24th. Come out and celebrate art history in the making by appreciating and creating art in the small mining community of Miami, Arizona. Hosted by The Miami Artworks, the main street will be closed to car traffic and open to shoppers who wish to visit the several Art Galleries and Antique Shops as well as the festivities at the Miami Veterans Memorial Park. There will be vendors, artists and musicians performing throughout the whole weekend. I would personally be sure to attend the pancake breakfast on Sunday morning at 11am.

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About Stephen Palmer

Stephen Palmer is an Arizona native, born and raised. With his ear to the ground and head in the clouds Stephen brings a passion to life that is as complex as it is full of joy. Reader beware the adventures of an untamed mind.

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