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Meet the Democrats running for State Legislature in our District (LD7)

Globe-Miami, AZ, June 17, 2024 – Voters are invited to meet all four Democrats running for the Arizona State Legislature in LD 7, the legislative district that runs through Globe and Miami. The campaign event will be at the Bullion Plaza Cultural Center and Museum in Miami on June 30 from 2-4 PM.

Two candidates, Roberto Reveles and Haley Creighton, will compete in the primary race for a seat in the Arizona Senate. Nancy Hartl and Kevin Chiquete are running to represent LD 7 in the Arizona House of Representatives.

“We are hearing directly from voters throughout LD7 how happy and enthusiastic they are to be able to support a full slate of Democratic candidates on the ballot this year,” said Marie Sansone, LD 7 Candidate Support Committee Chair.

Senate Candidates

Roberto Reveles, a veteran and life-long activist in the region, actively promotes Latino civic engagement and public dialogue on immigration policies. He supports comprehensive reform of the immigration system while working to protect fundamental human rights.








Haley Creighton, a recent graduate of NAU with a degree in Political Science, works with the Arizona Students’ Association to advocate for young people in politics. She has registered hundreds of students to vote and understands issues important to young people in Arizona






House Candidates

Nancy Hartl. An Air Force veteran, Nancy trained as a nurse practitioner, serving 20 years before retiring from the military. She continued to work in healthcare and was an active union member at Kaiser-Permanente. Since retiring from her career in healthcare, Nancy has been advocating for women’s healthcare and remains active in Arizona politics.








Kevin Chiquete is a mechanic at Ray Mine, a large copper mine near Kearny. He is active in the Steelworkers Union and has traveled around the state organizing steelworkers. Kevin brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to the table on the importance of vocational education, the copper mining industry, our LD7 Copper Corridor communities and their local economies, labor issues, and environmental concerns.




Voters interested in learning more about the candidates running to represent them in the Arizona Legislature are encouraged to attend the event. 

“It has been refreshing to find so many people all over the district who are excited about voting for our candidates.” Roberto Reveles, Candidate for AZ Senate




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