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Mayor Gameros says Globe is going in the right direction in the second annual State of the City address

Citizens of Globe gathered at City Hall on Sept. 29 in the newly refurbished Veterans Park to meet their neighbors and hear Mayor Al Gameros’s second annual State of the City address. Gameros focused on the City’s successes over the past year and the challenges that lie ahead. The mayor …

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Talking Politics

In our first installment, Talking Politics introduced Civic Engagement Beyond Voting (CEBV), a grassroots organization dedicated to helping progressive voters get involved in the legislative process. The organization was founded by Melinda Merkel Iyer, a Tucson-based activist, is bringing politics down to a local level, where citizen action can make …

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Council approves City budget and property tax adjustment at July 27 meeting

Members of the Globe City Council: Mayor Al Gameros, Vice Mayor Mike Stapleton, and Council members Freddy Rios, Mike Pastor, Jesse Leetham, Fernando Shipley, and Mariano Gonzales. All members were in attendance. Announcements Mayor Al Gameros said in the week of July 17-23 there were 40 new COVID cases in …

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Everyone Wins with Workforce Equality

Women in the Workforce

Economy Poised to Skyrocket with Gender Equity By Sue Marceau The Labor Day holiday we salute with festivities marking the end of summer emerged from employee dissatisfaction with deplorable working conditions. The labor movement’s fight for laws protecting workers began long before the commemoration became a national holiday in1894.  Today’s …

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For Father’s Day, Give Your Father Equality –  It’s Good for Him.

Toxic masculinity relates to the definitions of masculinity that has been taught to boys for decades and harms them today:  don’t be a sissy; be strong and silent; wealth, power, status, and risk-taking define a man.  Today, none of that advice is good for men, good for society, or conducive to good mental or physical health. 

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Senate Candidate, Jim Moss says Rep. Kyrsten Sinema is Not the Best Choice for Voters

GLOBE, Ariz. — Jim Moss, a Democratic candidate seeking the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., says in response to the entry of his primary opponent Rep. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., into the race, “I do not believe that Congresswoman Sinema is the best choice for Arizona primary voters in the upcoming 2018 election. Arizonans deserve …

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