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You know you’re from Globe when…

1.You celebrate all your special occasions at Chalo’s, Casa de Reynoso OR Guaoys El Rey OR the Country Club.

2. Wal Mart is THE shopping mall..

3. You cried when Java Junction burned down and took the movie theater with it.
(The Pioneer Hotel Fire was July of 2005)

4. Any emergency requires the response of 12 cop cars, 2 ambulances, and a fire truck.

5. You categorize your friends by whether they have parents that work at the mines.

6. The cool places to hang out are the carwash, the bridge downtown, and the middle of nowhere.

7. You’ve been in the Silver Belt at least 6 times.

8. Your know Jack in the Box is the turn around for the cruise through town.

9. Everyone makes every sports team every year.

10. Jumping cars, mud bogging, and getting stoned are all suitable lunchtime activities.

11. Half of your senior class works/has worked at Fry’s.

12. Your best friend’s parents went to high school with your parents.

13. You know someone who’s bought or sold something on The Trading Post.

14. You go to the Drive-In every weekend during the summer and get depressed when it closes for the winter.

15. You ditch school to follow 10 cars into the middle of nowhere to watch a

20. The best birthday parties are thrown in a dirt lot around a bonfire.

21. You know directions to places such as: Michelob Flats, Beerbox, Bud Hill,
The Temples, Pat’s Place, The River, Steamboat, and Burnt Corral, Shit Creek

22. You understand terms such as: cheap, rich, and beep.

23. Your only field trips have been to The Arboretum, Besh Ba Gowah, and Tonto National Monument

24. Everyone you know has at least one 4×4 car.

25. There’s only serious traffic on the roads 4 times a year: after the Globe-Miami game,high school graduation, the Light Parade and the 4th of July.

26. The best part of the 4th of July is watching the tailings catch on fire.

27. You get depressed when the tailings don’t get set on fire.

Globe: It’s not just a town… it’s a way of life

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