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John Nelson. Courtesy Photo

John Nelson resumes job as Gila County Manager


At its first regular meeting of 2017, the Gila County Board of Supervisors appointed John Nelson County Manager.

“I’m just so grateful that John is able to step back into this position he has held before,” says board chair Tommie Martin. Martin noted that Nelson brings history and knowledge to the position that will help the county take a hard look at where it stands, while moving forward.

Nelson retired from Gila County in 2013 with over 30 years of experience in county government in Arizona, 18 or which were at Gila County. As Gila County’s Finance Director, Deputy County Manager, and later County Manager, Nelson was largely responsible for ensuring the county established and maintained the financial reserves necessary to weather economic storms.

Nelson’s term as County Manager is effective immediately, filling the vacancy left when former manager Don McDaniel retired at the end of December. 

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