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Globe Mayor updates community on latest City actions

The Haunted Jail

The Haunted Jail opened on October 28th and will be open every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday until October 31st from 6 pm to 10 pm.  The Haunted Jail event is made possible by AZ Productions, LLC.  This is as high quality haunt similar to those built in the Phoenix area.  The entry fee is a reasonable $16.00.  A Zombie Paintball vendor is set up across the street for the entire event.   Spaces for local vendors are available also during the haunt times.  You can go online and get information at www.globehauntedjail.com.

Globe-Miami Cares Project

A meeting was held between Mayor Dalley, Steve Ravenkamp from the Globe Rotary Club, and myself.  The meeting was to establish a relief fund for the hurricane victims.  The result was an account that was set up through the Pinal Mountain Lions Foundation (Globe Rotary Club), a 501c3 for distribution to the victims in those areas.  If you wish to donate, make checks payable to the United Fund of Globe-Miami, P.O. Box 2160, Globe, Az. 85502.  You can also donate online at  azgives.org/unitedfundofglobemiami.  Make sure to document it as Globe-Miami Cares.  The United Fund will then write a check to the Pinal Mountain Lions Foundation.     

Joint Council Meeting

The second joint Council meeting between the City of Globe and the Town of Miami was held on September 20th at Besh Ba Gowah.  The items of discussion were blight mitigation, economic development, Gear Up program, libraries, water, wastewater, transportation, Public Safety Retirement, and community events.  It is great to sit in the same room with both Councils present and discuss common issues and share ideas.

Code Enforcement

The City Council approved the demolition of three structures in Globe as recommended by our Code Enforcement Specialist, Michelle Yerkovich.  The three structures are not only dilapidated, but are now a safety hazard to the community.  After demolition of the structures, the city will place a lien on these properties so that we are able to recover our costs.  We continue to see a tremendous amount of change as the city continues to deal with blight and the efforts to clean up our city.     

15K Cap Removed

On the September 26th City Council meeting, the 15K cap was rescinded by a 5 to 2 vote.  This resolution was implemented in 2011 to help boost the economy by not charging any city sales tax above $15,000.00 on a single retail item purchase. 

Upcoming Events for October

October 7th – Octoberfest in downtown Globe

October 13th and 14th – Into The Woods (Cobre Valley Center For The Arts)

October 21st – Apache Jii Days in downtown Globe

October 28th – Dogtoberfest at the Old Dominion Mine Park

October 28th – Ghost of Globe Tour

October 31st – Downtown Globe Halloween Trick or Treat Event

City of Globe Website

The City of Globe website provides our citizens not only with the council meeting agendas to view, but with the audio of the entire meetings. 

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