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The City of Globe received $70,000 for revitalization of Besh Ba Gowah. Photo by LCGross

Freeport-McMoRan Announces 2017 Grant Recipients

This year’s recipients of the Globe-Miami Community Investment Fund were announced at Freeport’s 3rd Quarter Partnership meeting in Globe. The fund,  established in 2012, has distributed $1,326,000 to this region and is governed by a board made up of local community leaders representing diverse organizations and two FMI representatives. The fund looks for eligible programs and projects in the area of education, community and economic development, environmental stewardship and health and wellness.

This years recipients include the City of Globe, Cobre Valley Center for the Arts, Gila Community College, Cobre Signal Peak Foundation  and Miami Genesis. The following award information was provided by FMI:  

City of Globe: $70,000

Besh Ba Gowah Restoration
This grant will support the City of Globe’s effort to revitalize Besh Ba Gowah to enable the museum to continue to offer a safe and culturally and economically significant tourism destination for visitors from around the world.

Cobre Valley Center for the Arts – $45,000

Building Preservation Project

Dollars will be used for refurbishments necessary to protect the future of the 1906 Courthouse building and maintain it as another important economic driver and tourism asset in downtown Globe.

Glen Lineberry, CIF Board Member, presented the award to Paul Tunis, Program Director for the Center for the Arts. Photo by LCGross

Gila Community College: $50,000

Fire Science Safety Program

Funding will be used to support the Fire Science Safety Program offered at the college. Dollars will purchase the equipment necessary to sustain a community-based program that safely trains students for jobs that can be filled locally. 

Tim Humphrey, CIF Board Member, presented the award to GCC President, Steven Cullen and Marketing Director Leitha Griffin. Photo by LCGross

Miami Genesis: $45,000

Bullion Plaza Lighting Project

Investment in the installation of lighting around the greenspace in front of bullion Plaza Museum will leverage a multi-partner project allowing for the development of a community gathering place that is safe and accessible to the community as well as visitors.

Steven Ravenkamp, CIF Board Member presented the award to Susan Hansen of Miami Genesis. Photo by LCGross

Signal Peak Community Foundation: $40,000

Cobre Valley Youth Club Van

Funds will be used to purchase a passenger van for the club. As CVYC transitions from its affiliation with the Boys and Girls Club of the east Valley, basic operational items are necessary to ensure it meets the needs of the club.  


Pat Burke, CIF Board Member presented the award to Aimee Staten, Executive Director of the Cobre Valley Youth Club. Photo by LCGross

“Through the Globe-Miami Community Investment Fun, our goal is to enale the community to adapt to meet the social and economic needs of its residents, becoming increasingly sustainable over time,” said tracy Barne, President, freeport-McMoRan Foundation. “We are pleased to be a partner in supporting processes and activities that assist in creating a vision for the future, establishing action plans, and implementing the kinds of programs and initiatives that will help the community reach its goals. the projects supported through the CIF represent the path to a viable future and we thank the engaged community leaders, members and nonprofits who are working to create successful, sustainable communities.” 

The grant cycle for next years’ CIF funds are as follows: Application Window: January 15 – March 15 Application Status Notification: June 15

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