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Donations to Humane Society appreciated

Thank you to everyone who donated to the High Desert Humane Society today.  It was nice to be able to bless them,  and Cheryl told Carol & I a touching story:

Cheryl said that yesterday a person came in needing some dog food,  and usually she has food that she can give to those who can’t afford it.  However, yesterday she only had 2 small ziploc bags of dog food leftover from an owner whose pet had died. She told the person that is all I have to give you.  I am down to my last half bag of dog food myself, but I know somehow God will provide.  (She usually has anywhere from 17-20 dogs looking for homes).

Cheryl had no idea we were coming and couldn’t thank us enough for everything!  Thank you for being an answer to prayer.

Sherri Davis
Miami-Copper Cities Rotary Club

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