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Booth applications open for Oct. 21 Apache Day

Booth applications are available now at the chamber of commerce and will be available at local businesses in Peridot, San Carlos and Bylas later this week. San Carlos tribal members receive a half-price discount in booth fees, courtesy of the Apache Gold Casino sponsorship.

In addition to booths, there will be a limited number of demonstration booths for various arts and crafts where in exchange for working at their craft through the day, the vendor fee will be waived.

Downtown historic Globe is the location for this annual street fair and the streets will be a pageant of color and sound on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 as the 34th annual Apache Jii (Day) celebration gets under way.

A full day of entertainment, arts and crafts booths and savory foods is planned for Apache Jii.

Tribal royalty in full traditional dress and native entertainers ranging from flute players to hoop dancers will be on hand for a day packed with activities.

The day begins in the courthouse square at the corner of Broad and Oak, one block east of the US 60 highway. Opening ceremonies begin at 9 and then it’s on to a full day of entertainment, shopping and native foods.

Booths featuring jewelry, painting, beading, wood and stone carving and more are planned for the street fair. Several demonstration booths are planned with artists showing the intricacies of beading, rock work and weaving. Entertainment, including crown dancers, basket dancers and native flute players, is planned throughout the day and no one will go hungry if they stop by the food booths which will feature everything from delicious Apache fry bread and Indian tacos to more traditional dishes like acorn stew.

There is no admission charge for Apache Jii; and visitors have the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Native Americans from throughout the Southwest. There is nothing like choosing a piece of jewelry or artwork after visiting with the artist who designed it.

Apache Jii is sponsored by the Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with Apache Gold Casino and Resort, APS and the city of Globe. For information on Apache Jii, call the Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce at 928-425-4495.

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