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7 Ways to Show Your Love for Home & Hearth

These simple tips can save you $$$ And help the environment. 

1 Don’t Heat an Empty House

During the winter, turn down your thermostat to 68%F when you’re home, and to 55%F at night or while you are away. Consider an upgrade to a programmable thermostat. 

2 Turn off Your Computer

Did you realize that your computer still sucks up energy even though it is ‘asleep?” So be sure to turn off your computer and monitor at the end of the day. 

3 Buy rechargeable batteries

In the end they will cost you less! Plus be sure to dispose of the old batteries properly. 

4 Repair leaky faucets

And, install water-saving toilets and shower heads, and only run the clothes washer or dishwasher with full loads. 

5 Stop using toxin-loaded dryer sheets

The film from dryer sheets can build up o the filter, not to mention making your towels less absorbent!

6 Donate old newspapers to animal shelters

Or friends with parrots. Or the local girl scout troop for the making of camp cushions. 

7 Keep your freezer full. 

Freezers operate more efficiently when full than when empty. 


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