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Whitetail and Sawmill Fires – Email Update – June 20, 2015 16:28 PST

Whitetail and Sawmill Fires June 20, 2015 Incident Commander: Nate Barrett, and Brad Johnson, IC-Trainee Information Contact:  Valerie Azure and Gabrielle Kenton—928-475-2326 8:00 am. to 5:30 pm.     Start Date:  June 20, 2015  Growth Potential:  Fire activity is high in steep, rocky terrain.  Size:  Whitetail = 11,500+ acres           Sawmill = 450 + acres Percent Contained:  0%  Cause:  Both lightning caused.  Resources Assigned: The Geronimo Hotshot crew, four 20-person Type II Initial Attack crews, 4 engines, two helicopters, and various other resources.   Summary:  Now on its fifth day, the Whitetail Fire has grown to approximately 11,500  acres and continues to burn in rugged grassland and woodland terrain in the central San Carlos Apache Reservation.  The Sawmill Fire, also on the reservation, is approximately 15 miles east of the Whitetail Fire and in similar terrain. Winds are pushing both fires in various directions through steep terrain as they progress in an easterly direction. Both fires are being managed to meet multiple objectives including habitat, watershed, and forage improvement.   The public is asked to avoid roads and areas near the fire due to heavy fire traffic and fire hazards.  Road 1200 to Blue River, and roads 1220, 1400,  and1500 near ... Read More »

Staying Out of Trouble Online – Part 2: Widgets

  Lots of websites want you to share them. Some sites ask you to create an account to be able to share information, such as the New York Times. Other sites, such as the State of Arizona’s employment site, require that you share via email. The easiest sites to share have widgets. Those are the buttons that let you post the information on Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, iFunny Just make sure you give credit to the original site and follow each sites terms of service. Read More »

San Carlos Whitetail Fire – Press Release

Whitetail Fire June 18, 2015 Incident Commander: Randy Hopkins, and Mario Dia, IC-Trainee Contact:  San Carlos Tribal Forest Resources Program, San Carlos, Arizona Daily Phone Information (928)475-2326 ext 306, from 8:00 am. to 5:30 pm.   Read More »

Staying Out of Trouble Online – Part 1: Sharing

Your friend posts something and you want to repost it. Can you? It depends. YES … if: It’s your friend’s original pic or post. Read More »