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Top 4 Kid-Friendly Local Hikes in Globe-Miami

Even if you’re a local, sometimes it’s easy to forget that you don’t have to travel far to find a good hike. Whether you’re just looking for a short hike nearby, or perhaps you’re also looking for a hike for kids, here are a few routes to try. Each one offers something for the adventurous and imaginative kid.

Round Mountain Park − The Bull’s Eye Rock Loop

Distance: 1.2 miles

Getting There: Head east on Highway 60 from downtown Globe. Turn left onto East South Street and continue until the road dead ends at the parking lot.

Restroom/Water: Restrooms and a water fountain are accessible at the entrance of the park only.

There is no doubt that Round Mountain Park is a popular among parents; you will often find kids on the trails with their families. This route begins on the West Trail, leading to the Bull’s Eye Rock Loop Trail; both are well-kept and well-marked. The West Trail is wide and gently ascends along the western side of the mountain, bypassing cacti, shrubs and desert flowers along the way. Just as the trail begins to turn east toward the Round Mountain summit, you’ll see a clearly marked sign to catch the Bull’s Eye Rock Loop Trail. Just before the trails intersect, there’s a picnic table shaded by a ramada where you can take a breather or stop for a bite to eat. The Bull’s Eye Rock Loop is just a 0.3 mile loop, and it parallels rocky slopes that not only provide small pockets of shade but also nooks and crannies for kids to explore. And, of course, you’ll discover the Bull’s Eye, a rock wall with a large “Bull’s Eye” carved out of its center. If you’re feeling ambitious after the Bull’s Eye Loop, you can continue up the West Trail to the top of Round Mountain for a stunning 360-degree view. Either way, when you reach the bottom of the West Trail, don’t forget to stop at the fish pond (just beyond the ramada)!

Old Dominion Historic Mine Park − Ventilation Vista

Distance: Less than a mile

Getting There: Head west on Highway 60 from Downtown Globe and turn right onto East Murphy Street. Keep left on Murphy Street at the fork, and turn left again into the parking lot.

Restroom/Water: Restrooms and a water fountain are accessible at the entrance of the park only.

As a former mine that has been transformed into a park with numerous trails, there is plenty of cool stuff for a kid to enjoy at Old Dominion. Along this short hike, you can enjoy scenic vistas, educational signage explaining the inner workings of the mine, a “boneyard” of original mine equipment, and the park’s epic playground at the end. The route begins on the Interloper Loop, which you can find just beyond the park’s entrance (if you are entering from the Murphy Street parking lot), past the bathrooms. As the Interloper Loop begins to climb uphill, keep an eye out for the Park Ave. to Ventilation Vista trail sign on your left. This is a nice alternative to continuing up the Interloper Loop – you can still catch views of the mining headframe without climbing uphill. The trail flattens out to a walking path lined with small wildflowers, ending at an old mining ventilation fan and picnic table conveniently placed on an overlook. Here you can stop for a bite to eat and take in the views of Globe and the hills. From here, you can go left onto the Silver Nugget Trail to make your way back toward the park entrance. You’ll pass the boneyard along the way, which is sure to capture kids’ and adults’ interest alike. Just beyond the boneyard is the ramada-style picnic pavilion and playground. With kids, this trip is not complete without a stop here, especially since there is a zip line and a standing spinner.

Pinal Mountain Trail System − Sixshooter Trail Bridge to Creek Crossing

Distance: Less than a mile

Getting There: From the Globe Community Center, turn southeast onto Jesse Hayes Road, and then make an immediate right onto Ice House Canyon Road (FR 112). Stay left on FR 112 toward Pioneer Pass. In about 4.3 miles, just after the cattle guard, you’ll see a dirt road to the left, which would take you to Icehouse C.C.C. From this point, continue on the main road (FR 112) approximately another five minutes until you reach a white bridge.

Restroom/Water: Vault toilet is located at Icehouse C.C.C.; no potable water access

For a kid, the most exciting destination on a hike may not be a summit, but water. At the time we went to press, the creek just off Sixshooter Trail was flowing steadily. While sometimes it may seem like the Pinal Mountains is a trek out of town, getting to the start of this route is just a 20-minute drive from downtown Globe, and the mountain views are stunning. From the white bridge, you can walk up the road (FR 112) a short ways until you see the Trail 197 marker on your right. Follow the trail as it gently ascends through manzanita, oak and pines. Not long after you reach the metal gate (be sure to close it behind you), you will reach the creek crossing − a perfect spot to enjoy the cool water and play on rocks. On your way back, you could take the Sixshooter Trail/Trail 197; but, if you don’t mind a bit of bushwhacking through overgrowth, following the creek back down toward the bridge is far more exciting and refreshing, especially for a kid. (You’ll also have to squirm beneath a barbed wire cattle fence, but someone’s already made a gap for you to crawl under.) There is no formal trail, but between rock hopping and worn footpaths, you can make your way downstream without too much trouble. Just follow the creek. Once you reach the white bridge again, if you continue following the creek roughly an eighth of a mile downstream, you will be finely rewarded with small pools flowing with cool water, and large, polished rocks that are ideal for laying out on after a dip.

The Globe Cemetery Loop 

Distance: 1.1 miles

Getting There: From Highway 60, head northwest out of Downtown Globe and turn left onto Hackney Road. Continue straight onto Jones Street. You will reach the cemetery entrance, which is guarded by short, white columns and tall cypress trees. To the right, you’ll see a dirt area where you can park. 

Restroom/Water: None

This route is arguably more suitable for older kids. There are no bathrooms, it’s a bit of a steep climb, and its appeal is, well, that it takes you through a cemetery. An old cemetery, that is. The cemetery spans 32 acres. Gravestones here date back to the late 1800s (the first burial was in Sept. 1876). For any kid intrigued by eras long past, this is a perfect walk to let the imagination run wild. Wander off the road, and you’ll find headstones of soldiers, sheriffs, cowboys, and some of Globe’s earliest residents. From the entrance of the cemetery, you’ll follow the cracked asphalt road, passing weathered headstones guarded by old cypress and juniper trees as you make your way toward the top of a hill with 360-degree view − the Pinal Mountains behind you, and views of Globe and the Copper Hills in the distance before you. When you reach the armed services plaque on the white pole, be sure to keep left to reach the summit. From the summit, you can continue to follow the loop around to head back down to the same road you came up. 

Caution: Bring plenty of food, water and sunblock. With the exception of the Sixshooter Trail, these routes provide little shade. If sun or heat exposure is an issue, try these routes during the morning or evening. Those are by far the most magical times to visit, anyway. Also, don’t forget to watch out for rattlesnakes.


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