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San Carlos Native American Gospel Music Legend Johnny Curtis Dies

On behalf of the Johnny Curtis family, we are devastated to announce the untimely death of our father, husband, brother, pastor and friend Johnny Curtis.
He died peacefully this morning 12/20/2019 at a Phoenix, Arizona area hospital-surrounded by his family.

In the past four decades; Johnny Curtis has become the predominate gospel music icon throughout the Native North America and First Nations Indians of Canada; this is due to his Humanitarian efforts throughout the Indian Country; and he’s best known for his continuous Inspirational Music.

Johnny Curtis. Courtesy Photo

Johnny Curtis was of the (San Carlos Apache Heritage) resided in Fort McDowell, Arizona and pastored the Fort McDowell Miracle Church of All Nations. He is survived by his loving wife Virginia and his living families.


  1. Lamandalynne Leniz

    My thoughts are with the family. His memories will leave smiles on the faces of those who knew him.
    Thank you for those precious gifts that will last a lifetime.

  2. My heart ached and I cried my tears when I first learned of my brother Johnny’s serious illness. He fought his illness with courage as Jesus was always there for him to lean on. The numbers cannot be counted of the men, women and children brother Johnny helped along throughout his life. He was there when family members passed on and he lovingly dedicated our children to Christ. Our families grew up together in the Arizona copper mining town of Superior. The gospel music that seemed to flow endlessly from Johnny will always be a healing in itself. And now, there is only victory in Christ for our beloved brother Johnny Curtis. -Isaac Curley (Apache/Navajo)

    • Amen Glory Hallelujah we love Johnny Curtis here in Klamath Falls Oregon Klamath County Chiloquin all of us turn the Klamath tribes I remember a brother curly who used to come to our family and in fact I don’t know if you’re related to the same Pastor curly brother curly who went to Glory identity he was very close to my first cousins Carmen c r a i n Brenda all of our family God bless us all brother Curtis passed away in glory but my condolences to his beautiful family who shared him with us we love you from here to Klamath County My Utmost For His Highest we’re almost home the journey is almost over ice natives were no stranger to loss and tragedy but we got hope we’re on the winning team Aho War whooping or you Johnny Curtis and your beautiful family

  3. he was my grandpa and i loved him so much that he put smiles on everyones faces and he still smiled when he was bitteled with cancer.

  4. Lynette Rae Curtis

    Well sorry but johnny died on the 27th of December not the 20th. He is my uncle. I miss him so. Sadly the day he died is my father’s birthday.that hurt us so bad.

  5. His Band ministered at the church I was saved at in the 1970s. I use to have a cassette tape of their music.
    I recall his sister passing in a car accident on her way to tell her parents that she had gotten right with God at a revival meeting that evening. I remember his brother Michael. ( Bear) attending our church (which was named Globe Christian Center later). He has since passed.
    That band was annointed by God. They had a true passion to see souls saved. Jesus is the Only way.

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