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Resident acknowledges effort of elected leader

Dear editor:

I would like to share information with the community, as a member, that it is very important and meaningful to us, in general,  when our elected leaders are truly working with us to assist us as needed.   Velasquez Sneezy, Gilson Wash’s councilman, is one elected leader who listened to concerns and has actually taken his time to follow-up (not brush aside) to assist many people in various matters.  I, for one, am very appreciated that there is an elected leader who works for the people and therefore, would like to give credit where its due by making a positive comment of Sneezy’s pro-actions, as I am one of the many that he has assisted. 

Please include this positive comment in your newspaper.  Many times we write negative remarks but don’t include the good efforts and works that our leaders are doing.   Thank you.

J. Johnson

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