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Krampus Unleashed

Reader reviews “Krampus Unleashed” filmed in Globe

By: Michael Burk. The movie, Krampus Unleashed, was partially filmed in the Globe area in 2015.

Robert Conway’s “Krampus Unleashed” is an indie horror picture in the yule tide tradition of Drive-In classics such as “Black Christmas” or “Silent Night, Deadly Night”. It mixes the joy of the season with darker underpinnings and if you love a good old fashion, monster in the woods type film, than “Krampus Unleashed” is the picture for you.

The story begins as a pair of old west treasure hunters dig for their prize, uncovering an ancient summoning stone which reveals the legend of the demon, Krampus, with a nod to jolly ol’ St. Nick thrown in for good measure. Terror is unleashed rather swiftly after that as the movie flash forwards to a present day desert setting where we watch the opening credits roll, and hear the holiday tune “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow”.

Two rather annoyed families are heading to visit their folks for the holidays. Two very different brothers with very different styles of raising their kids try to bond, but mostly butt heads. As one of the kids attempts to fish, they stumble upon the ancient stone still lying in a nearby pond. They also meet a stranger hiking along the way named Bonnie who helps one of the boys with his fishing lure. She turns out to very helpful as the story progresses as well. Without out giving the whole story away, the creature design & costume of the Krampus is very well done. As are the gory elements of story. As is expected with an independent horror feature, some of the acting is questionable here and there, but for a fun night of holiday frights, there are worse things you could do.

As for the local sights you might spot, there are three scenes which were filmed in our area. The police station dispatch station scene was filmed in the 1910 Territorial Sheriff’s Office and Jail in Historic Globe Downtown. The scene where Bonnie & the kids run to a neighbors house for help was filmed at a trailer in Ice House Canyon. There’s also a funny scene where one of the teenagers makes fun of these two Bigfoot Hunters that was filmed at the Rock House by the bridge on the way to Young (with special thanks to Margaret Mercer and family). If monster movies are your cup of tea, you can find “Krampus Unleashed” in your Redbox, at Walmart for purchase or even Netfilx. To all a goodnight!

Filmed in & around Globe and the surrounding areas, viewers from here may recognize some of the locations.

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