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Marvel Studios Does “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Right

So some may say I’m biased towards these type of films, but that would be very dismissive. If anything, I’m harder on the films that fall into the genres I enjoy. Being a fan of 2011’s first foray into the legend of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, I was hopeful for the best when “The Winter Soldier” came out. But in so many of these cases, I equally brace for the worst as well. Here’s where I will tread into troublesome territory for some readers. I am only minimally a fan of 2012’s “Marvel’s The Avengers”. That being said, I wasn’t quite sure how interesting this next modern Cap adventure could get. To be honest, I would have preferred he stayed in the 1940s a bit longer in his solo movies. But, oh well, then the world wouldn’t have its beloved Avengers movie, right?

Without spoiling this tale for others, “The Winter Soldier” has more of a story than almost any of the Marvel films since the original “Iron Man”. Of course it has action, but in between, it sustains an intensity that kept me gripped to my seat throughout. Usually I laugh off the peril that heroes in film these days are put in, especially in “The Hobbit” films. It’s not like Bilbo or Gandalf are going to die; it’s a prequel, people!!! But in the case of this story, I really wanted Rogers to solve the mystery and crumble the baddies.

Everyone is at their best in this film. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and Chris Evans’ Cap have great chemistry together, whether they’re allowed to or not. As the two heroes go off the grid during a sequence, their civilian garb had me flashing back to “The Perfect Score,” a film both actors starred in when they were a bit younger; it gave me a little chuckle. Both actors, as well as the supporting cast, all bring great gravitas to their roles, grounding them with that feeling of urgency, and that anything bad could happen to anyone, at anytime.

This is definitely one of the best of the Marvel films, so far. It’s an action film, a political thriller, and a comic book film. On top of that, it has loads of humor sprinkled throughout. It makes you concerned about what happens to the characters, good or bad. It’s great entertainment.

It leaves me excited to see what transpires in “Avengers: Age Of Ultron,” and  beyond. Comic books are to this era in film what the cop films were to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s—they’re the mythology of our current state. But this one, like those ones of old, has a little bit to say about society snuck in between the lines. Try not to miss “The Winter Soldier,” and stay ‘til the ending credits are over, or you may miss a few things.

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