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Palmer Report September 16th – 22nd

It is mid-September and time for the Gila County Fair. The fair has been around these parts since the 1970’s. Then it was started with and old bandstand, some wooden horse corals and a make shift race track. For a printable schedule of this years events “click here.” For directions, “click here.” The Gila County fair is located just east of Highway 60 as you head north up to Showlow.  Be sure to pet the livestock, cheer on the monster trucks and let the kids ride some rides. Myself, I am the most excited for the music.

Battle of the Bands

This year will be the first ever Battle of the Bands at the Gila County Fair. All of the bands will perform on Sunday starting at high noon. Each band will be given a 15 minute set to show the judges what they got! Bands of all sizes and from several different locations throughout Arizona have decided to throw in their lot for a chance at the $1,500 Grand Prize from the Battle of the Bands at the Gila County Fair. A few of these bands are well known in the Globe area, while others have never been east of the Phoenix Valley. Let’s get to know the artists a little better.

Chris Kane Trio


The Chris Kane Trio came out of Eastern Arizona. At 22 years old Kane already has the presence of a seasoned vet. With a mix of rock and blues his guitar creates an electric atmosphere that brings one back to the golden age of the guitar gods.

I Am Hologram


I Am Hologram is a one man band. Richard Nihil plays guitar and sings while the beat of the drum is at the control of his foot pedals. I Am Hologram came into existence at a Tempe Music Festival in July of 2013. Since then he has been playing nonstop at festivals, dive bars and band battles.

The Band Eastwood


The Band Eastwood comes to us all the way from Amarillo, Texas. The members of The Band Eastwood are a diverse group with extensive experience. They come together to bring you a little bit of country and a little bit of rock n’ roll. The Band Eastwood has an authentic feel that can only be created by those who live through the music they play.


2 In The Chest


2 in The Chest is a rock band with showmanship. They take their stage performance to the next level with lights, fog and masks. 2 In the Chest proudly proclaims themselves as the worlds first and only rustic metal band. The give you the chane to learn a  little history while you rock out.

Howlin Booty and the Blue Mountain Band


Howlin Booty has been a band, in one form or another, for just about a decade now. These guys are talented enough to play anything from southern rock to heavy metal and everything in between. The high energy of Howlin Booty is sure to get you in the mood for a drink, or seven.

Space 28


Space 28 is a 3 piece band of small town boys with big time dreams. Space 28 was formed “as a jam band for now.” They are three young men who love music and have a passion to see where it will take them.

Painting Fences


Painting Fences hails from the west side of the valley of the sun. These guys enjoy taking their hard rock sound out for a spin any chance they can get. With a “Buzsaw” driven bass tone and edgy guitar style, Painting Fences delivers its music with a dose of raw energy.

Jim Powell Band


The Jim Powell Band is a music project out of Globe, Arizona. The members of this band have been around the music scene for some time. They were there for the glory days when live music was something that drew a large crowd, ready to get down. All the local musicians know of David Boerst, Shon Bywater, Chris Ashby and Jim Powell individually. Now we will get to know them as: The Jim Powell Band.



Sinthetic is a local jam band that is ready to perform anytime, anywhere. They started at local bars in Globe, Arizona and have moved their show as far west as the Phoenix Valley. Sinthetic plays a blend of southern rock, metal and blues.

Low Expectations


Low Expectations really knows how to light up a stage. They are professional and down to earth with true wild side. Their style is a blend of music that has a little taste for everyone. “With Low Expectations you will never be dissapointed.”

The Battle of the Bands Grand Prize of $1,500 was donated by JaLin Enterprises.

Live Music Every Day

Train Wreck   –    7pm on Thursday

The Kenny G Project   –    7pm on Friday

Tiffany Lorraine   –   After the Monster Trucks on Saturday





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